Nutrition Services

You know you want to get healthy and be healthy. Knowing exactly what steps to take to get you there, that’s where it gets tricky for most people.

When you work with Dr. K, knowing how to take care of your health becomes easy! She works with you to find all the pieces to achieve your best health, wherever in your journey you currently are. It’s not a matter of her telling you what to do, she teaches you tools catered to your needs. There is no one size fits all.

This is key. Her goal is to get you healthy as you learn how your health works and how to take care of yourself.

Dr. K uses muscle testing (it used to be strictly Nutrition Response Testing and has morphed into so much more) to find your body’s health priorities. For more information about muscle testing, click here.

You see, there are many things that could support your health. Marketing makes everything sound phenomenal. But which habits, foods, supplements, and practices does your body actually need right now? Which ones are the actual right next step for you? That’s where Dr. K comes in and helps guide you through all of the ins and outs.

She’s not a health coach, though. She doesn’t stand on the sidelines yelling at you what to do. Nor is she a health guru with vague commentary, making you figure it all out for yourself.

Dr. K, using her full expertise as a board-certified doctor, is your health mentor. She gently guides you along, teaches you about your health and how to best take care of yourself. She answers all of your questions, gets to the root issues of your health problems, and simply helps you be your truest healthy self.

The concepts and methods she teaches you, the supplements and products she recommends, are the same ones she uses for herself and her loved ones. When she learns about something new, she first tests it on herself, then her family… and if she determines this new thing to be effective, natural, safe, and healthy, she teaches it to you when you need it.

Some of the most common topics that we cover during appointments include (in no particular order, it all depends on your health journey):

  • Safe detox of mold, heavy metals, parasites, and chemicals
  • Fasting and all of its facets
  • Finding your healing foods (this is very particular to your body)
  • The best supplements for your needs (highly individualistic)
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Stress management and relief
  • Lymph support
  • How to get moving safely and effectively
  • The list goes on, it all depends on your health journey!

And better yet, you get all of this support, guidance, and knowledge from the comfort of your own home.