What They’re Saying

5 stars aren't enough for Dr. Kerstin! Here's why. She's incredibly knowledgeable, and what she doesn't have an immediate answer to, she is more than willing to research and learn and share with her patients. Her enthusiasm for health is obvious; she takes care of her own body and doesn't dole out advice or protocol that she hasn't tried herself. I've never felt pressured by Dr. K to change my lifestyle, but I have felt empowered and encouraged like I never have by a doctor ever before, and that has made all the difference and such a catalyst for huge lifestyle and health changes. She has taught me how to listen and trust my own body, how to be confident about what I need, and how to advocate for what's best for me and my body. My deepest thanks and gratitude Dr. K!

Emily Oh

Dr. Kerstin has been my chiropractor and health coach She's great at both. I particularly enjoy her as a chiropractor, which is really saying something because I have never trusted one to adjust me before. She's so understanding and puts you right at ease. I'm so grateful because my last pregnancy would have been so painful without her help. Mostly she's just a really caring person. She has handed me tissues when I've come in on an "off" day and offered me her couch to nurse my baby after my appointment was over. I am confident that you will not be disappointed with her care.

Rachel Ritchie

Dr. K takes the time to understand what issues the patient has. Her adjustments are gentle yet effective. She wants the whole body to be aligned, not just one "trouble" area. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and continues to do research on the supplements she provides. I know Dr. K wants my body to function properly and she helps me get there.

Sharon Brink

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