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Synthetic Supplements or Vitamins

Synthetic Supplements

Chiropractic, Exercise, Nutrition, Supplementation for a Healthy Bones

Your Bones do So Much More for You Than You Realize

Health emergency herbs and vitamins

Things that are Best to Have on Hand

Toxic fluoride in water causes thyroid issues

The Toxic Hazard that Needs to be Stopped

Improving health by walking and exercise

Improving All Cause Mortality Risk (and some other things)

Do You Pay Attention to This

Emergency Home Remedies and Supplies

In Case of Emergency

Love Instead of Fear for Health

Just 10 Minutes of this…

Harmony and Balance

Beyond “Eat This”

Protecting Your Health

Getting Sick

Removing Toxins in Your Home for Free

Where the Toxins Are

Herbs for Health

Toxins in Everyday Items

Dealing with Feelings

Are Your Bowel Movements Healthy?

One Plant, So Much Healing

Is Your Mattress Toxic?

The Many Uses of Castor Oil

Is Our Food in Danger

Reducing Toxins in Your Life

Grain Free and Sugar Free

3 Health Tips

Sunshine for Health

Your Health and Fire Season

Health Power House

Healing Herbs

Improve Sleep

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Is Your Food Natural or Manmade

What Should You Eat?

Shift Your Perspective for Better Health

Help Against Stress

Why All the Healthy Habits Matter

Why Pleomorphism is Important for Your Health

your little supporters

Your Little Supporters


The Harms of Pain Killers

Are You Dehydrated

Health Isn’t One Size Fits All – Asthma Settlement

Toxic Period Underwear Settlement

Bad Breath?

Is Your Detox Actually Adding Toxins Back

How Sports Bras and Rice Can Harm Us

Who Owns the Big Supplement Brands?

A Gentle Approach to the New Year

Do You Feel Sad in Winter?

Healthy Through the Holidays

Let’s Stay Healthy

Learning Disabilities and Depression and Concussion

Blood Glucose – A Great Number to Track Your Health

How Are Your Focus and Attention

Is Oil Pulling Hooey

Do You Know Your Water (It May Be Toxic)

Health Book Recommendations

Better Breathing and Better Sleep

How You Feel About Yourself Affects Your Health

All Symptoms Are Signs

How to Deal With Big Stress

There are Non Toxic Clothes (and other toxins to avoid)

The Brands You Use Affect Your Health

Your Bone Health and Osteoporosis

Human Fetal Cells in Food

Supporting Your Health, Supporting the Earth

Health Benefits Hiding in Your Garden

Weight Loss Plateau

Autoimmune Issues?

Amazing Benefits of Coffee Grounds

Epsom Salt Foot Baths

Do You Know What is in Your Water?

Check in With Yourself

Have You Pooped Today?

A Shift in Perspective for Better Health

Stress, Cortisol, Weight Loss

Weight Loss Naturally

Why Gluten Free Doesn’t Work

Unexpected Ways to Support Your Gut

8 Foods to Avoid for Hormonal Health

13 Chemicals that Disrupt Your Hormones

11 Foods to Help Support Your Hormones

11 Signs Your Hormones are Wonky

Oil Pulling – Detox, Dental Health, and Decreasing Inflammation

Mold and Your Health

Regaining the Joy of Moving Your Body

Chewing to Look Younger and Breathe Better

What Foods You Should Eat

That Lost Hour – How to Support Your Sleep

Letting Your Perceptions Serve You

Resolving the Emotional to Heal the Physical

Little Things to Add to Your Health

You are Electric – How to Decrease EMF Exposure

Staying Young, Aging Gracefully

Misunderstood Vitamin D, Lard, and Cholesterol – Cholesterol – Part 3

Misunderstood Vitamin D, Lard, and Cholesterol – Lard – Part 2

Misunderstood Vitamin D, Lard, and Cholesterol – Vitamin D3 – Part 1

Change Your Physiology to See Challenges Instead of Threats

What You Can do About the Jab

3 Easy Tips to Decrease Stress

How to Regain Your Time

What Toxins in Your Home Can Do

Change Your Mindset: Make it Work for You

What 30 Seconds of Rebounding Can Do for You

Meditation – How to Get Past Your Mental Block

Why You Need to Sweat

The New Hormone Disrupting Source

The Dark Side of Fruit

Do Genetics “Load the Gun”

Step by Step Guide: Coffee Enemas Made Easy

Why You Need to Detox Parasites to Rid Yourself of Viruses

3 Common but Toxic Personal Hygiene Products

Are You Hearing Your Body, or Something Else?

Which Genes Are You Expressing?

3 Common Household Items that Harm Your Health

Troubleshooting Your Detox

How is Your Skin Doing?

Acute vs Chronic Inflammation – and what it means for your health

Intermittent Fasting Made Easy

Why You Should Take Care of Your Health

Are Your Adrenals Really Fatigued?

Your Microbiomes and Your Health

Spike Proteins and Fear

Long Distance Muscle Testing to Support Your Health

Breaths – Are You Doing It Right

What Herbs Can Do for You

Meds or Meditation

What to Consider with Ketosis

Detox – Are You Doing It Right

The Lies About This Vaksine

Do You Hear Your Instinct

Being in Balance and What That Means

The Truth About the Pandemic

Lessons from a Crazy/Beautiful Week

Social Isolation and Your Health

What is Your Body Saying

Daylight Savings and Your Health

How to Support Your Lymph System

Avoid this for Great Health

Protein, Glutathione, and B vitamins

Tools to Support Your Healing – The Vagus Nerve

3 Vital Aspects for Your Gut Health

3 Crucial Health Truths

How Masks Harm Us

Your Nervous System May Be Holding You Back

Constipation and Your Health (and how to fix it)

Starting Healthy Habits Now (not a challenge, just a healing practice)

Vital for Your Health

Are You Meeting Your Health Needs

Toxins in Your Home

How to Flow with Your Health

Both are Powerful but One Harms the Other Heals

Using Your Body’s Ability for Greater Healing

This common habit may be harming your health

Using your foods to get healthy

My Favorite Free Health Saver (aside from sleep)

Are you worried about getting sick

What maltodextrin, fructose, and sucrose have in common

Are there synthetics in your supplements

3 Quick Tips

Wildfire Smoke and Your Health

Why Melatonin Can be a Bad Idea

Weight loss, strong immune system, decreased inflammation, all in one go

Handling Inflammation in 3 easy steps

Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Vitamin C, zinc, melatonin and the coronavirus

The Importance of Sleep

Your Health during the Coronavirus Crisis


There is No Cold and Flu Season

Importance of Magnesium

Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin D