You may have noticed that at all of our appointments, I always ask about your sleep, stress levels, and bowel movements. You fill me in on all the details about your health, what’s new, what has changed. 

But do you really know why we do that? Why we talk about what your blood sugar has been lately. Or the fact that you can’t fall asleep quickly. Or your periods are more crampy. 

All of those things, and everything in between, are your body speaking to you.

Every single symptom is your body telling you about what’s going on. What she is needing. What she would rather not be exposed to. 

I know that in our society, symptoms are considered bad. Pain is just not acceptable. And everything is geared towards hiding symptoms, not actually resolving them. 

Now, trust me, I know symptoms can be rough. I know how horrible pain can be. But the fact of the matter remains, those are all the ways in which your body is talking to you. 

Think about it this way, you know when you’re tired in the evening, that is your body telling you that you need to go to bed. You know the “symptom” for needing to relieve your bladder. You even know the “symptom” for needing a drink of water. 

In a sense, you can consider symptoms a form of motivation. If you never got hungry, never got tired, never got the urge to pee, you would guaranteed not be taking very good care of those needs.

Heck, even with those urges we don’t always do a good job. 

Your body is doing a ton of work for you 24/7, the majority of which you will never be aware of. This is the reason why those “symptoms” are needed so you can know what’s going on and what steps you need to be taking when something does go wrong. 

I want to make really clear that your body isn’t being bad. Your body isn’t fighting against you. Your body is trying to talk to you. Your body is asking for help. 

The good news is, when it comes to symptoms other than being tired and needing to pee, the best approach is prevention! 

All those varied health issues, from weight gain, sleep issues, mood problems, menstrual issues, infertility, cancer, headaches, constipation, and everything else, are your body talking to you. 

It is with all of your healthy habits that you keep your body in balance and healthy. If there is no issue, your body doesn’t have to alert you. If your body doesn’t have to alert you, you don’t experience symptoms. 

Granted, symptoms aren’t always clear and straight forward and that’s because health is multi-faceted. That’s exactly why I teach such a big range of tools that you can use to be healthy. 

Prevention is the best route to take for your health. There are many options to choose from, if you need some new ideas click on this link 

Here’s How to Get a Healthier Gut