Toxic fluoride in water causes thyroid issues

Here is a topic that makes me absolutely livid: fluoride.

Some state governments make it mandatory, in other states, it’s a county by county issue.

Why would fluoride make me so mad?

Because it has long been proven that fluoride:

  • decreases IQ
  • is neurotoxic in other ways as well
  • screws up the thyroid
  • causes brittle bones (hip fractures increased after fluoride was added to the water)
  • can cause fluorosis of teeth and skeleton (mottled looking)
  • doesn’t improve dental health

There is a big trial going on in the US right now to get the government to remove fluoride from municipal water…

But given how toxic it is, I wouldn’t wait another second to make changes.

Also, remember I mentioned fluoride harms the thyroid?

That means fluoride harms your entire hormonal system.

When we harm the thyroid, we run into infertility, fatigue, anxiety, weight issues, heart issues, muscle weakness, thinning hair, etc.

You see, fluoride likes to take the place of iodine…

Iodine is massively important for the thyroid (and other organs, but let’s focus on the thyroid here).

When this happens, the T4 and T3 numbers may look normal, but it isn’t going to be true because instead of the iodine molecule being present, it’s fluoride.

So you can have thyroid symptoms, but all the blood work looks normal.

To make it worse, many people are iodine deficient… that makes it even easier for fluoride to get in there.

These are probably some of the reasons why over 97% of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation.

I think at this point we can all agree that fluoride is a bad idea.

So here are some steps to get fluoride out of your life:

  • use a water filter (there is no one filter to rule them all, look up your city’s water report to find out what else needs to be removed) Here is one website that can help you find out if you have fluoride in your water
  • consider setting up an appointment with me to see how we can get the fluoride out of your system
  • when you go to a dentist, make sure they don’t put fluoride in your mouth
  • take a look at your medications, some of them are fluoride based (talk with
  • your prescribing doctor if that is the case for any of yours)
  • make sure your toothpaste DOES NOT have fluoride

An important note: the mucous membranes in the mouth immediately start absorbing anything you put in your mouth.

So as soon as you see “do not swallow” on that toothpaste or anything else for that matter, it should NEVER be in your mouth to begin with.

And while we’re on the topic of dentists, please make sure to go to biodentists only.

There are many reasons for this… should we dive deeper into that next time?