Health emergency herbs and vitamins

Here is one of my biggest challenges:

I get the text message or the call…

A health emergency has happened, and what can they do to help it / fix it / make it go away…

Why is this such a challenge?

Because when we’re talking health emergency, it’s pertinent that I make suggestions that are actually doable ASAP.

And I know from experience, I have a lot of things on hand at all times for health…

… but this is not necessarily the case for others, in part because we don’t know what those potential necessities are.

Recently I did do an article “In Case of Emergency,” and it covered mostly herbs, along with vitamin C, pico silver…

But then here is the other issue – where do you get good, organic herbs?

  • So if I’m talking herbs, teas, I love to order mine from Mountain Rose Herbs (assuming I can’t grow it myself or need it asap).
  • If I want herbal tinctures, especially alcohol free options, such as goldenseal (and all the other herbs, too) I go here to Hawaii Pharm.

When we’re talking vitamin C, there are different options, and in some cases I do a full on protocol of:

Why the different types of vitamin C?

Because the different forms of vitamin C will be used by the body in different ways.

For example, liposomal vitamin C goes straight into your lymph system.

So this covers the “must haves” to have at home from that previous newsletter.

Here are further considerations:

  • Having a binder on hand is helpful. These will be needed in case of diarrhea, food poisoning, exposure to some toxin that you are aware of (if this happens with a kiddo, open the capsule and put it in water for them to drink).
    • BIND from Systemic Formulas is especially helpful if it is diarrhea.
    • Binders from CellCore BioSciences (ViRadChem Binder or HM-ET Binder) are easier in terms of they don’t need to be taken away from food or supplements.
    • Castor oil! This is a go to for some many things (which I talked about here: The Many Uses of Castor Oil)
    • Fresh ginger root – you just grate it, make a tea and drink. When? Having digestive issues? Ginger tea. Nauseous? Ginger tea. Feel like you’re getting sick? Ginger tea.
    • Aloe vera – This is great for skin irritations, sunburn, irritated scalp, and can support digestion.
    • And one of my all time favorites because of everything it does: ReMag! This liquid magnesium is as close to a miracle worker as a single product can get: tight and sore muscles? ReMag. Feeling anxious or depressed? ReMag. Not sleeping well? ReMag. Bowels not moving as much as they should? ReMag. I could go on but you get it.

Alright, with all of this, I feel like we can handle the little emergencies that crop up much easier and efficiently.

(And yes, I do now wonder what text/call I get next where we need something entirely different… but it’s still a start!).

Are there any must haves for you to always have on hand?