There is a really great tool to help you heal better, feel calmer, improve sleep…

I’m talking about vagus nerve stimulation.

The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve (comes from the brain) and is involved with your heart and other organs in order for them to function properly.

It’s also a big part of your parasympathetic nervous system – that’s rest, digest, and heal (as opposed to the sympathetic nervous system, which is fight, flight, or freeze).

Most of us are stuck in sympathetics because of all the stress…

And when your vagus nerve isn’t functioning well, you may experience sleep issues, digestive problems, fatigue, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, etc.

So what we want to do is stimulate the vagus nerve!

Luckily, stimulating your vagus nerve is very simple.

Here are a few options that you can incorporate into your day:

-Splash cold water on your face
-Humming or singing
-Slowing down your breath

This sounds super simple, right?

Because it is. And what makes it even better is how effective it is!

As for the “supplements” I mentioned, I love CALM, NeuroByome, Neurosyn, and MoRS from Systemic Formulas.

CALM is there to support your mood and relieve stress.
NeuroByome is a probiotic with specific strains that support your mood and well being by communicating with the brain
Neurosyn helps get your brain back on track when you notice yourself getting more forgetful and stressed.
MoRS, amongst other things, supports a positive mood.

And let’s not forget how important magnesium is for all of this as well.

My overall favorite magnesium is this => ReMag from RnA ReSet (it’s the most absorbable magnesium I have ever found)!

So, which of the above habits will you start with today?

Personally, aside from my weekly chiropractic adjustments and supplements, I love singing in the car…

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