Chiropractic, Exercise, Nutrition, Supplementation for a Healthy Bones

A while back, I mentioned that our skeletal system is more than just structural.

Granted, structure is a huge aspect of it, otherwise we’d be some weird looking jelly fish on land…

But our bones do so much more than this!

When we understand how important our bones are for our entire health, we might feel more inclined to do the things to take better care of them.

And I do recommend we take care of them daily.

Bones are pretty cool, they have sensors for gravitational forces, are constantly breaking down and rebuilding (so our bones could stay young with the right support…).

(… which means staying active gives bones the proper input to stay strong, which will also support our balance).

They are involved with mineral balance in the body…

And our bones play key roles in metabolism, immune function, and even our endocrine (hormonal) system.

And I want to be clear here, when I say they are involved in our endocrine system I don’t mean how parathyroid hormone and estrogen affect them.

I do mean how bones produce specific things that affect our other hormones (like testosterone).

But we’ll get to that shortly.

Many will know that our bones produce stem cells. This alone is huge.

Stem cells can differentiate into pretty much any kind of other cell (they themselves are undifferentiated), so they can support a lot of tissues (like heart, brain…).

For the face, chewing properly activates the bones of the face to produce stem cells which keeps them healthy and can support looking younger (for example).

Stem cell production also means the ability to down regulate inflammation.

This point is pretty self explanatory, right?

Bones chemically talk to every part of the body, including the hormonal system.

Now, trying to not get too technical, bones produce osteocalcin, which has been found to be involved with blood glucose.

To be more specific, a deficiency of osteocalcin can lead to increased fat and a dysfunction of glucose homeostasis.

In a less stellar fashion, metabolic issues also negatively impact bone marrow composition… which affects all the functions we’re talking about right now.

Additionally, osteocalcin is involved with regulating testosterone!

Osteocalcin can make the leydig cells of the testes produce more testosterone.

And of course, let’s not forget, our bones make red and white blood cells, and platelets.

That’s how we transport oxygen in the body, carry waste products, regulate body temperature, protect against infections, and the list goes on.

So, the skeletal system is amazing and worth taking care of, here are some easy ways to do just that:

  • Exercise (this just keeps being a top priority in all health instances)
  • impact loading (like some nice jumping jacks or jumping squats) but also simply walking, using a vibration plate, but also weight lifting
  • Nutrition – easiest approach is cutting down on sugar, packaged / processed food, grains (metabolic issues like diabetes impact bone health (a vicious cycle)
  • Supplementation – bone health requires vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, magnesium
  • as always, the only D3/K2 I use is DV3 from Systemic Formulas
  • for vitamin C I’m preferring a broader approach with CZI from Systemic Formulas, as well as powder and liposomal options depending
  • for magnesium it’s ReMag all the way for me
  •  Chiropractic – we need the joints to function well, the nervous system to function well, so all the right signals and movements can happen, which affects the bones

The beauty of this is that the recommendations for healthy bones coincide with recommendations with big picture health.

We hopefully feel more motivated to do them now, as well as being able to appreciate what all our skeletal system and bodies are doing for us constantly.


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