By now, most people know how important their gut health is for all around health. 

But did you know you have distinct microbiomes on your skin, in your gut, in your mouth, in your vagina, etc that all need to be in balance. 

Do you know what the most common gut disruptors are?

So first, what do these microbiomes influence: 

  • Mood
  • Nervous system function
  • Ability to assimilate nutrients
  • Healing
  • Fertility 
  • Pregnancy outcome 
  • Hormone balance 
  • Immune function

Of course, the list does go on but you get the picture. 

Unhappy microbiomes = poor health. 

So what are the common disruptors that you need to avoid to give yourself and your little bugs the best chance at health? 

Here are some of the most common microbiome disruptors: 

  • Chlorine – it is meant to kill bacteria, after all 
  • Antibiotics – these are literally made to kill off bacteria. Except, unlike the 1960s when labs had to be done to determine the exact kind and use only specific antibiotics, now they use broad spectrum that kill off everything
  • Fake food – the majority of what poses as food at the grocery store does not resemble the actual life affirming, health enhancing, nutrient dense food that you are meant to consume. The chemicals involved don’t just harm your microbiomes, but cause many other health problems as well 
  • Aluminum – have you checked your deodorant and cooking pots and pans? 
  • High levels of stress – not that life will ever be free of stress, but the level of stress and the management thereof makes a huge difference 
  • C – sections – this goes for the baby of course; without specific steps taken after a c-section, there is a huge deficit for the baby that need to be addressed
  • Sanitizers – most of them are not just killing off bugs, but are also harmful to you
  • Alcohol – if you have a lot of gut trouble, you might want to consider taking a break from this one
  • Vax!nat!ons – this leads into a whole exposure to toxins in a form that would never occur in nature causing immune response skewing; bypassing natural barriers where the body can never respond appropriately again to that specific pathogen 
  • Antacids – there is a specific pH needed in the stomach, when that gets screwed up, the bacteria take a hit as well 

So what do you do about these? 

The best step here is always to avoid the source! 

After that, depending on the issue, you’ll want to support your microbiome:

  • Eat fermented foods – kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha
    • Depending on circumstances, a probiotic supplement may be needed
  • Detox – depends on whether the issue was chemical, heavy metal, etc
  • Switch to organic, whole foods
  • Eliminate sugar, alcohol, grains, fake foods
  • Address the real cause of heartburn
  • Find a stress management tool that works for you
  • Use toxin free personal hygiene / cleaning products 

The great news here is that there are many great options to support your healthy bacteria, and with that, your health. 

The other great news is that you have tons of little bacteria all on your side, helping you be healthy and happy. 

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