I was asked about a topic last week that I want to address. I want to find that happy balance of sharing information without creating fear. 

That’s the biggest problem humans are facing right now – fear. 

It got kicked off with lots of marketing to make people scared of being anywhere near other people. 

That’s probably the worst you can do to a human being. Making them fear other humans to the level of not wanting to leave their house.

Then it got pushed to vaxxed fearing unvaxxed. 

Now it’s becoming the unvaxxed fearing the vaxxed. 

This fear is insidious. It creeps into all aspects of life. Fear, being an emotion that kicks your brain into fight-flight-freeze mode, shuts down your immune system, your higher level thinking, compassion, and who you innately are. 

You see the problem here, yes? When dealing with health, fear is not the way. 

The question I was asked is about the spike protein in the vax!n$. 

Supposedly, the intention was for that protein to stay put at the sight of injection. 

Alas, it does not. It is a known toxin that spreads throughout the entire body wreaking havoc within hours of injection. Pfizer’s own data shows this. [1]

The spike protein goes to the lungs, brain, and heart. This is why bleeding and blood clots occur with this vax. The spike protein has even been found in vaxxed women’s breastmilk. 

The mRNA on the other hand accumulates in the liver, adrenal glands, bone marrow, spleen, and ovaries.

It is not a coincidence that vaxxed teenagers are getting myocarditis. That blood clots, strokes, and infertility are increasing in those who did get vaxxed. 

Even the CDC said there should be a warning label on the mRNA vaxin$ about heart inflammation (myocarditis) after 1,200 cases occurred in vaxxed 16-24 year olds. 

So why is there now fear from the unvaxxed towards the vaxxed? Because of shedding. [2]

It’s not that shedding only occurs with the vaxxed, every human expels particulates. It’s just that after getting vaxxed, you expel that stuff as well.

That is why unvaxxed women are experiencing period issues. Other issues are presumably taking place as well, but periods tend to be most quickly noticeable. 

I ran into this issue myself, was furious for a moment, and then figured out what my body needed to heal.

I understand why there is deep concern. This certainly isn’t something to be ignored. 

But fear is not the way to go. The principles of health remain the same no matter what. 

So what can you do to support your health? 

(For the CellCore BioSciences recommendations, if you don’t already have an account just let me know and we’ll get you signed up ASAP).

  • All the wonderful healthy habits we talk about in all of our appointments. 

A healthy body and mind are much less susceptible to any issue because you have greater capacity to heal. 

If you want a reminder, check out the various articles we have on what you can do to be healthy http://unlimitedhealthy.com/articles/

  • MitoATP from CellCore BioSciences. This liquid supports your mitochondria, protects your DNA, and helps your body detox (aka, cleaning out the crap)
  • ViRadChem Binder from CellCore BioSciences. This binder not only gets rid of viruses, retroviruses, radiation, and chemicals, it also helps heal your tissues. 
  • Meditate, pray, earth. Your energetic/electrical well being is important for healing, and these three approaches have been shown to be very healing and balancing.
  • Mitigate stress. Stress is inevitable, but how you deal with it is up to you. I’m not saying float about on a cloud all day, but make sure you use healthy habits to decrease stress. 

Decrease your stress = decrease inflammation. Decrease inflammation = improve healing abilities.

  • Make an appointment with me. The above recommendations are effective, but as you well know, your health is specific to you and your needs. 

Aside from the specific supplement recommendations, the recommendations sound familiar, right? 

Right. Because health is health is health. The rules of health, your physiology, your neurology, and all the other ologies remain the same. 

This is not the first time mankind has created atrocious, health damaging toxins and then exposed as many people as possible to it. It’ll be ok. The best thing you can do is take care of your health. 

Having true health from a place of love is what lets you be you. And that’s my goal from the very get go.

p.s. as usual, vaxin$s are out of my scope. I’m not telling you whether to get jabbed or not. I’m merely addressing a question form a patient and explain what I did for my health.

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