Do you know what one of the most important aspects of detox is? 

We talk about detox all the time… how your body is doing that process for you 24/7… how to best support your body especially with toxins we were never meant to be in contact with… 

The aspect I’m talking about here is removing/avoiding the source of the toxins. This is absolutely a must.

Of course I’m talking about the things we have control over… 

Some great areas where you can start taking charge now include: 

  •        Personal care products – even items such as tampons, body lotion, makeup, and everything in between is typically full of toxins
  •        Cleaning products – harsh chemicals are not actually needed for a clean house!
  •        Avoiding plastics – glass Tupperware is an awesome option, not using one time use plastic bottles is vital
  •        Cookware – make sure there is no aluminum (think pots and pans) or plastic here
  •        Garden – avoid toxic products such as Roundup, focus on using organic products here, too 

Further steps you can take for a toxin free home include: 

  •       Dusting (yes, my most hated chore is also one of the most needed)
  •       Vacuuming
  •       Having a shoe free household
  •       Opening windows daily (even if it’s just for a couple of minutes)

If you’re planning on doing some repainting, there are great brands such as ECOS Paints that are VOC free, too! I just used them for my office and love it! 

While detox is not something I do with pregnant women, removing/avoiding toxins is an excellent and safe step that can be done during pregnancy! 

If infertility has been an issue, I have found that detoxing safely has been one of the best ways to regain fertility. 

Actually, the couples who addressed toxicity proactively (before pregnancy) with me had the best pregnancies, birth, and happy babies that I have ever seen! 

Why would this be the case?

Because toxins – ranging from heavy metals, chemicals, mold, and parasites – can affect any and every system of your body. 

That’s why it’s my job to first make sure your body is healed and ready to detox, then slowly move you through the detox you need, and then make sure your body has the nutrients it needs to happily continue her job. 

Want to Learn How to Handle Toxins?