There are three topics that keep coming up lately, so I figured I’ll explain them in one go. If something comes up this often, I’m sure there are others who have the same questions. 

Here are 3 myths and misconceptions that I come across often:

  1. Consuming too much protein. There are tons of different types of protein shakes and protein bars, but many people don’t need that much protein. 

What actually happens is when you consume too much protein is called gluconeogenesis – meaning your body turns it into sugar. Make sure to keep a nice balance with your foods and don’t forgot those healthy fats! 

  1. Taking glutathione products. Glutathione is a super protector for every single cell you’ve got. It’s also key in your body’s ability to use vitamin C correctly. 

By supplementing glutathione, you stop your body from producing it. Just like with melatonin, if your body produces it you’ll want to support that action, not take away that action. 

This is why I love GCEL, it supports your entire body and especially the liver (the organ that produces glutathione) and does not take away that job! 

If you want a reminder about melatonin, here is the article:

  1. B vitamins are for energy. While this is not wrong, it’s only a half truth. Keep in mind, there are many types of B’s. Some of them are needed so your brain can produce serotonin (the happiness molecule) and melatonin (the sleepy time molecule). 

There are so many functions that need B vitamins, and they get depleted by stress very quickly. B vitamin deficiency can even cause suicidal ideation, amongst many other issues. 

That’s why 16B is great to keep your brain and body happy and healthy. The best time of day to take this does vary from person to person. I can take it right before sleep, others love it in the morning. 

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