Last time we talked about why detox is important…

While people are surprised at the sources of some toxins, the need for detox doesn’t surprise people at all.

But when we get to the actual detox part, why am I so picky about the binders used?

There are 3 key aspects to consider with binders for detox.

Cilantro is a weak binder and can let the toxins go before they are flushed out.

That means we’re just redistributing the toxins, that can wreak havoc!

I do love using cilantro in cooking, but not as my main binder.

And activated charcoal?

Some of you have used the product BIND from Systemic Formulas.

It has lots of great ingredients and does include activated charcoal.

But BIND was always part of a protocol where it was meant to clean up in general… it’s not a specific binder and…

… activated charcoal acts as a sponge.

Just like a sponge!

You can see how this goes back to the redistribution of toxins concept.

Don’t get me wrong, activated charcoal has other great properties like increasing longevity (and BIND is still a great option for specific needs).

But when talking toxins, we need to look at a different binder.

The next consideration when it comes to binding toxins is the ability of the binder to cross the blood brain barrier.

Neither activated charcoal nor cilantro can cross the blood brain barrier.

The blood brain barrier is meant to protect the brain…

… yet the blood brain barrier doesn’t develop until we’re 2 years old or older…

… and there are toxins that cross it easily when we’re dealing with leaky brain.

If you have inflammation / leaky gut – it means leaky everything.

So we need binders that can cross the blood brain barrier because you know how important it is to get the toxins out of the brain!

And finally, a good binder needs to be pure.

Did you know there are a lot of binders (like heavy metal detoxes) that are actually contaminated with heavy metals?

I know I don’t need to explain why using products containing toxins won’t get you far.

So these are 3 key aspects to consider anytime you need to do a detox.

And these 3 key aspects are why I use CellCore BioSciences products.

They meet all of my requirements, making them actually effective detox products.

And CellCore BioSciences has proven repeatedly that they’d rather dump a batch than sell something that doesn’t meet their stringent requirements.

A supplement company with integrity is an important aspect, too.

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