You may have noticed that detox is something I talk about often.

And I’m sure you know the general gist of why detox is so important.

But, for one, I want to distinguish between supporting drainage pathways and detox.

The drainage pathways are the natural ways in which your body removes toxins on her own.

The drainage pathways include:

  • Bowels
  • Liver and bile duct
  • Kidneys
  • Lymph
  • Skin
  • Lungs
  • Mitochondria

We can and should support these pathways all the time anyway.

Detox, on the other hand, is when we actively support the body by using specific binders to safely bind and remove the toxins.

My main go-to’s for this are from CellCore BioSciences and Systemic Formulas.

And, for two, do you realize how many toxins we’re exposed to daily?

For instance, it was found that sports bras and other activewear contain BPAs.

Those are the chemical toxins that can mess with hormones, and other health aspects as well.

Or did you know that one single scratch on nonstick cookware releases over 9000 micoplastic particles.

These particles are PFAS, forever chemicals that also cause a lot of health issues.

Or did you know rice tends to contain inorganic arsenic (inorganic as in the chemistry term).

Inorganic arsenic is extra toxic, harms health in many ways (cancer, cardiovascular, neurologic)…

… and rice is a super accumulator plant meaning it will take up that arsenic in the ground and that you get it by eating the rice.

Could I go on? Sure…

But the main thing is understanding there are many toxic things around us.

The second part is understanding that this shouldn’t drive you crazy, it should motivate you to handle the toxins (remove them) that you can from your environment.

And third, we’ll just keep supporting your body with the right nutrients and healthy habits, and detox as the body needs and permits.

And for further guidance, there are my courses on detox to walk you through it all:

Want to Learn How to Handle Toxins?