I have thought long and hard about if I should send this article. But then, I keep hearing these horrible stories, and I cannot, will not, sit by quietly.

One woman suddenly has global transient amnesia. That’s complete memory loss for a few days, seemingly out of nowhere. She doesn’t have a history of this. She did get the J&J shot a few days before. 

A man suddenly has his cholesterol spike by 40 points… he had a Pfizer shot. Doesn’t sound so bad. Right? But that means his inflammation is rapidly spiking. Inflammation, the base for nearly all illness, in response to something that has been injected into his body.

DMX, a famous rapper, suddenly had a severe heart attack and died. No history of heart problems. The media report it as an overdose, the family is planning on suing the media because there was no overdose. He did have one of those shots the week before. 

I could go on. For a long time. With each story getting worse. 

And it keeps getting worse. These shots aren’t va((!n3s. They are gene therapy. They don’t fulfill the definition of va((!n3s, but listing them as gene therapy would’ve prevented them from being put into effect as they have been. 

Listing them as va((!n3s made the manufacturers liability free. Did you know that? Companies that make these jabs can’t be touched. They carry no liability, regardless of outcome. 

So what happens if someone does get injured by a va((!n3? There’s a special court for that. To date, that court has paid $4,564,332,231.46 in compensation for vaccine injuries. Those are your tax dollars, because again, the manufacturer carries zero liability. In case you want to read those documents https://www.hrsa.gov/sites/default/files/hrsa/vaccine-compensation/data/data-statistics-report.pdf 

Also, if a treatment had been recognized to work against COVID, say, for instance Ivermectin, then the federal government doesn’t get to approve a va((!n3. 

Yet, Ivermectin has shown incredible results, keeping people from getting sick at all. And that’s the case even for people who don’t know how to take care of their health and body like you! 

Back to this gene therapy. Aside from changing your DNA, all the way to your genome, the further effects are unknown. We do know autoimmune issues and neurological issues will spike. Just give it 9-12 months.

It gets worse still. Do you remember SARS? It’s in the same family as COVID. When they tried to make a vaccine for SARS, all the animals that had been va((!nat3d died when they came into contact with the wild virus. They had to abandon that study.

Notice how they skipped animal trials this time? They certainly remember the failure of those animal trials the first time around. This time, we’re the animal trial. But previous experience gives a good idea of what’s to come.

And let’s not forget that detail about once someone has gotten the jab, they are now spreading the virus because now they really did get exposed. So what is the goal here?

What makes this even worse? This virus is nothing special. Your body is so smart! Viruses have existed longer than us. We cannot live without viruses. We need them. This whole mess worldwide over a particle (viruses are just particles, not living, not hunting you down), that we have never existed without. That we need for health.

Plus, it is not the mere presence of some pathogen that makes you sick. If your body is healthy, your immune system is healthy, your body is already in balance and has no need for sickness. 

You know this to be true, otherwise I, and all the other doctors, would have to either be chronically sick or long dead since people seek us out when they are sick. The human race wouldn’t exist if all it took to kill us is the presence of a pathogen.

Of course, your body does need to be in balance. Remember all my recommendations about vitamin D3? My preferred source is DV3 from Systemic Formulas. It is clinically proven to get vitamin D levels to the range where cytokine storms aren’t a thing.

Remember how some of the most affected groups are the elderly and people with darker skin? That’s because they are at the highest risk of having vitamin D deficiency (dark skin is a natural sun blocker, older age decreases the ability to produce vitamin D). 

As a quick recap, since I’ve talked about this often before, take: 

  • 2 DV3 daily. If you are very deficient, take 3 for a few weeks 
  • 1 – 2 MIN daily. Aside from magnesium, it has small amounts of zinc and selenium (both have antiviral function, which means they help keep you in balance so you don’t get sick) 
  • CZI multiple times throughout the day 
  • 2 GCEL daily (supports the production of glutathione, resolves inflammation, etc)

Bear in mind, getting sick is the body trying to regain balance. Typically, doing all the things I’ve recommended throughout our appointments and the various newsletters are enough to keep you healthy. If you do get sick, let us know. We do make last minute appointments in those instances to get you back in balance (healthy) ASAP. 

Additionally, here is a video that I highly recommend you watch: 

https://www.bitchute.com/video/hfzL5gUeQvxr/ I didn’t choose it from youtube, because they are just as adamant about silencing us, repressing us, censoring us as facebook and instagram are. 

Seriously. Dr. Ryan Cole ties together a lot of important information. Please, take the time to watch it. 

He is an MD, trained by the Mayo Clinic, a pathologist. He is speaking with the Idaho legislature in this video. Please watch it. And share, share, share, with everyone. People have to hear this.

Also, if you, or someone you know, did get any of these jabs and have had any adverse reactions, report it! Technically, medical professionals are required to report such events, but I know the majority aren’t being reported. 

Here is the link to do so https://vaers.hhs.gov/esub/index.jsp

Have you heard of VAERS before? This is where all va((!n3 injuries are supposed to be reported…

I know, all of this is tough to take in. But ask yourself this, when the governments are demanding “precautions” that are harmful to our health and take away our freedom, is all of this really surprising? 

When, in New York for example, they took sick people and put them in nursing homes… and hospitals got paid thousands of dollars for every COVID patient they claimed… and people coming in with high blood pressure were immediately treated as a COVID patient for the previous reason… does it look like anything was handled the way it would be in an actual pandemic? 

Take masks for example. With all the mask wearing, there are now new diagnoses such as swamp mouth. People are having mouth/dental/gum/eye/skin issues because they are constantly breathing in what the body was trying to get rid of. And that is only the beginning.

Increased anxiety, paranoia, fear, aggravating heart and lung issues, acidifying the blood which sets you up for problems like cancer, and all the psychological trauma from taking away a key component of being human – seeing facial expressions. All of that for unscientific beliefs? 

Remember when Fauci laughed at the people wearing masks a year ago? He called that “virtue signaling.” He does take a lot of vitamin D daily… 

Or how about the TED Talk Bill Gates did? Where, and I quote “[the world population] is headed up to about 9 billion people. Now, if we do a really good job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we can lower that by perhaps 10-15%.” 

Read that quote again. I had to listen to it several times in complete horror that people are cheering for him and think he’s a good man while he’s talking about killing people off. 

 here’s the video if you want to hear him say it. At minute 4 you’ll get to hear the full quote. 

Now, let’s look at the definition of quarantine: a specific period of time in which a person or animal that has a disease must be kept away from others in order to prevent spread… 

Lockdown: the confinement of prisoners to their cells for all or most of the day as a temporary security measure…

Quarantine is what is done specifically when someone is sick. Lockdowns are done in prisons. Are you sick? Are you in prison? 

Health always has been, and has to continue being, an individual effort. I know you, my lovely patient, are doing just that. You have taken responsibility and are taking the steps to be healthy. 

You know that your health doesn’t improve just because someone else stopped drinking soda and is hiking daily. You know it has to be your effort. You know someone else getting sick has no bearing on if you get sick or not, either. 

I did touch on fear a bit before. This email is to clarify a few points, not to scare you. More and more people are learning the truth. That gives me great hope. 

More and more people are actively taking steps to get healthy – exercise, sunlight, supplements, sauna/hot baths/sweating, hugging and human connection, chiropractic adjustments, and so forth. 

I know it can be difficult to stay clear, happy, and remember that life is full of miracles when there is so much evil propaganda around. Propaganda that would make Hitler proud. 

Personally, I have set reminders on my phone that say “Choose happiness,” “Only love is real,” “I accept miracles,” and the like to remind me. I check in with myself to catch that tension trying to build. 

I certainly have cried over all the people suffering, being lied to, being killed off by draconian measures. That doesn’t help them. What does help is to keep my resonance in peace, happiness, love, and harmony. I meditate with my family daily. 

A study showed that it only takes a tiny percentage of a community in prayer or meditation to change the entire energy of the community. They were able to show on a statistically significant level how violence in that whole community dropped during the times when people were in prayer and meditation. 

So that’s what I’m asking of you now. Aside from sharing this information, take care of YOU. Whatever practice suits you – meditation, prayer, tapping, heart brain harmony, etc – do it. And do it daily. 

I am here for you. I know many are feeling lost and alone. I am here. At Health Unlimited, we are here for you. 

Now take a moment, take a breath, check in with yourself to see if there is any tension or fear. If there is, witness it, then let it go. It has no place in such a magnificent person like you.