Last week was just amazing! Getting to see all of you, it was so wonderful. 

There were a couple of big learning moments involved, and I think they are key for all of us to bear in mind. 

So first off, because I was excited to come to the springs, we scheduled as many of you as possible. That did mean that there wasn’t really time for me to take care of myself.

Between driving 16 hours total for this trip and my days being packed, it was doable for 1 week… but not for long term. 

It’s an extreme example, but when you look at your day to day, is your life set up in ways that it is sustainable? Where there is time not just for work and responsibility, but self care and room to breathe? 

Secondly, I also realized, that while I only use toxin free products in my household and for personal care, that is not the norm. 

When I first walked into my studio space, I was hit with a mix of chemicals that immediately made me headachy and nauseous.

It is interesting, because there seem to be 3 types of people when it comes to toxic chemicals like this: 

  • 1. Those who can’t tell how it is affecting them and like the smell
  • 2. Those who’ve been exposed to so many toxins that their “toxin bucket” is overflowing and are very sensitive to all of it
  • 3. Those who have spent a lot of time detoxing and can tell the effects the chemicals have very quickly because they can hear their body’s signal

Those of you who saw me Tuesday morning noticed how freezing cold it was in there. That’s because I had the windows open all night to decrease the toxic load of the room. 

Keep in mind, it is the chemicals from dryer sheets, plugins, cleaning products, shampoos, soaps, etc that can cause a whole slew of health issues… 

That includes issues like obesity, infertility, psychological issues, neurological deficits, and so forth. 

Aside from opening the windows daily to let out the toxins, I made sure to wipe down the surfaces to reduce the toxins. Luckily I had brought my own pillows for the nutrition testing table. 

Thirdly, and I already talked about this last week, community is key. I was running behind on an appointment, and my next patient came in. While he immediately offered to wait outside, the patient on the table welcomed him in and told him he’s part of this little group now. 

It was so lovely. With her husband on the couch, her on the table, and the other patient hanging out, having this little group of likeminded people had such a great energy about it. 

Just like praying or meditating in a group heightens the effect, the same goes for healing. 

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