We talk a lot about being in balance. When I adjust you, I check if you’re “in balance.” When we talk about nutrition, we talk about eating in a balanced way. When we talk about lifestyle, we look for balance… 

But what does balance really mean? 

My approach is always based on nature and how our bodies are meant to function. Yet, when we look at nature, with extreme storms, temperatures, and environments, it would seem that nature itself is unbalanced.

That is only at first glance, I assure you. 

It is actually these storms, the temperature variations, and the different extreme environments that allow the whole organism – planet Earth – to be in balance. 

How close up we are to the event changes how well we can keep perspective on what is truly going on. 

I know in the past I have explained what illness really is. It is your body working on getting back to balance.

Up close, when someone is sick, it doesn’t look like someone being in balance at all. But when you take a step back, you can see that it is the regaining of balance that is taking place. 

I also mentioned it is much easier to take the steps I give you to stay in balance, rather than making your body step in and do it for you. 

This is where being clear on what balance is becomes exponentially more important. Being in balance does not mean walking around in a constant state of Zen and nothing can ever touch you. 

So what does balance look like for the different facets of health?

  • Nutrition – eat a variety of food, making sure you eat food that is nourishing. Playing around with intermittent fasting, or working your way towards that. There are times when specific detoxification support is needed.
  • Sleep – get 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes you might need more, or an additional nap. 
  • Movement – your body is created to move. If you have a favorite way of doing so, excellent! As humans, we are made to walk. It is what we’re anatomically best at. So make sure you walk, too! And stretch. And breathe. Some resistance training would be excellent.
  • Mental / Emotional – meditate and/or pray. Building your ability for compassion and love is just as important as building muscles! Be particular about what you choose to focus on/spend your time on. 
  • Social – community and connection are very important for your health. For some that is meeting with a friend for coffee, for others it is big get togethers, and yet others just want a nice dinner with the family. Whatever it is for you, make sure you get this time so you can recharge.
  • Environment – make sure you spend your time in environments that make you feel good. This goes for people as well. Being where you feel you belong adds that extra bit of cohesiveness that we all need for balance. 
  • Unplug – at night, turn your phone on airplane mode or keep it in a different room. Let yourself have times where you are not reachable (this is easy in Wyoming, we just don’t always have reception). Turn off the media, especially the “news.” Turn off the TV. Go into nature. 

And here’s the thing around all of this… sometimes, you just need a day off! A day where you just don’t worry about anything, don’t keep a schedule, don’t have a list of things you need to get done. 

In german, we call this “mal die Seele baumeln lassen.” It means letting your soul relax. 

So, it is the busy times where we get it all done, but also the chill times where we just take it all in. Both are needed for balance. 

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