Have you ever stopped to think about your water?

The water you use to drink, cook, shower, wash the dishes and laundry…

Tap water can have a lot of contaminants, which is why it’s important to give it some serious consideration.

This goes for both city water and well water.

If you use city water, you can easily look up the water report for your city to get an idea of what is in your water.

Bear in mind this type of water report isn’t perfect.

There are toxins they won’t even look for, some of the data is out of date…

But if you just want a starting point, this water report is a good place.

If you have well water or want to know specifics about your city water, you can have your own water report done.

I recommend https://mytapscore.com for that.

Why would anyone bother with this?

Because there are toxins in our water that can seriously affect our health.

These contaminants can mess with your hormones, cause digestive issues, allergies, fatigue, infertility, and more.

We need water to live, so it is pretty vital to make sure you’re not running into health issues through slow long term exposures.

Some of the contaminants to consider include:

  • fluoride
  • chlorine
  • chloramine
  • drug residues
  • aluminum
  • lead
  • mercury
  • perfluorinated chemicals
  • microplastics

It’s also important to consider that it’s not just the water we consume.

When you shower or wash the dishes, some of those toxins are absorbed through your skin, while others will be inhaled.

The other reason it’s important to know what is in your water is so you can choose the appropriate filter.

There is no one filter that can handle all the toxins.

The best option, but also most expensive, is a full house filter that is geared towards the toxins in your water.

But that is a big investment!

Alternatively you can consider water pitcher filters for your drinking and cooking water, or an under the sink filter, and a shower filter.

Before you pick one, you really need to look at your water report first.

It is difficult to recommend a brand, not knowing what is going on with your water.

As a general direction though, some of the brands I like are Aquasana, Pure Effect, ZeroWater, and Big Berkey.

There are so many brands out there, be careful as their claims are not always matching the results… especially shower filters and fluoride comes to mind.

And just as a side note, water in plastic bottles isn’t a good option, and neither is alkaline water.

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