There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, isn’t there?

I mean, people have healed by eating a carnivore diet.

And people have healed eating a vegan diet.

People have healed using a keto diet.

And yet others have healed by using a Mediterranean diet.

The first point I want to bring up here is that humans are very individualistic.

Granted, there are overlying truths in terms of how our bodies work…

But underneath that is completely personal chemistry, physiology, ancestry…

So that’s one part of why such total opposite diets have worked.

And then there is this:

In most cases, when a person makes an extreme dietary change, by default they are going to leave some harmful foods behind.

It also means a change of pace in terms of what foods are eaten.

You see, doing the same thing over and over can lead to sensitivities with certain foods.

Eating the same thing over and over also allows your body to figure out what you’re doing…

That means your body doesn’t have to adapt anymore, and it’s the ability to adapt (which stays intact by the body having to adapt) that truly makes us healthy.

So that’s already two things that a change in diet can do:

Leaving harmful foods behind (even if they are supposedly healthy foods, they may not be for you).

A change of pace (the foods you are eating) means your body has to shift gears and adapt.

Now, some would describe my approach to nutrition as paleo, because I don’t eat grains or sugar.

But notice I said “approach to nutrition” instead of diet?

For me, I don’t eat grains or sugar, but the overlying guidelines I follow when I nourish myself are:

  • Food needs to be organic, preferably regenerative
  • Go with the seasons
  • Vary how often I eat per day based on my body’s needs that day
  • Vary the timing of when I eat based on my body’s needs that day

The above concepts are what I feel are vital for proper nutrition.

The organic, regenerative, foods are going to be so nourishing, truly informing the body about the environment (which is one of the roles food plays).

Eating with the seasons means you will have nutrient variation by default, and is in alignment with the previous concept.

Now, the next two are both involving what your body needs that day.

You see, there will be variation from day to day.

Listening to what your body needs is really important and a big step towards true health.

It may take some healing before you can really hear your body’s cues, but you certainly can get there!

And it will be a big help, as it bypasses addictive foods etc, because your body will be clear about what you actually need for nourishment.

Also, as an important side note, eating healthy does not mean boring or blah food.

It does mean you get to experiment, learn what really satisfies you.

When you play around with this, you’ll start to notice how different foods make you feel…

… for example, there is a difference between feeling full vs feeling heavy and gross after a meal.

The heavy and gross does indicate there was something in there that isn’t good for you.

So to me, when it comes to food, it’s more about learning your body and following the general guidelines rather than having a particular “diet” to follow.

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