Emergency Home Remedies and Supplies
We’ve all experienced varying levels of emergency, where it would’ve been really great to have the right things on hand.

So here are some things I always have on hand at home…

Broadleaf Plantain (Plantago Major)

Aside from it’s wonderful properties that support the liver, act as antioxidants, is good for dental health, and supports your skin…

… it can also be a life saver.

In case of a venomous bite (snake, spider, even insect bites), immediately put a poultice of broadleaf plantain on it.

This has saved people in the middle of nowhere after snake bites.

I always have dried plantain with me on hikes for this reason.


This is also called “Russian Penicillin.”

But I don’t agree with that title.

While it is an excellent choice for bacterial issues, it doesn’t kill all bacteria like an antibiotic does.

It actually helps create balance, which makes it an excellent option for gut health as well.

Pico Silver

Most know of colloidal silver, I prefer the pico silver from RnA ReSet here.

This one is my preference to spray on wounds when you’ve injured yourself.

I don’t use those antibiotic creams…

It’s also great for ear infections, sore throat, flu and colds, pinky eye…

Vitamin C

This one does so many things for us, that I do just use it on a daily basis.


This is also a must in case of bone fractures, ligament tears (sprains), and muscle tears (strains).

When I tore my ankle ligament, I was taking a lot of vitamin C spread out throughout the day.

Seriously, I was around 20,000mg daily to support the healing.

Also, if you feel like you’re getting sick, same thing, take lots of vitamin C throughout the day.

If your tummy gets grumbly, back off for a few hours.

Honey (raw and local, fake honey is a thing)

I’m not one for consuming honey because of the sugar.

But honey has amazing healing properties in other uses.

It can be used topically to help heal wounds and burns!

A review has also shown honey having helpful effects with skin cancer…

And of course, there are always teas in my home!

  • Mullein – for the lungs
  • Dandelion – for the liver
  • Elder Flower (this is the same tree we get elderberry from, but I do mean the flower here)- for immune function
  • Chamomile – for the tummy and sleep
  • Mint – for digestion, reduce stress, against cough/nausea/bloating/sore throats
  • Hibiscus – for liver health, against bacterial growth, antioxidant, healthy for cholesterol balance

So this is a good start in terms of things to have on hand, instead of scrambling in the moment when it’s immediately needed.