When was the last time you had some alone time?

Where you could just be with your own feelings, your own energy…

Some of us are very in tune with other people’s feelings.

That can clutter up and confuse what you yourself feel.

Others have far too many people placing demands on their time.

This can very quickly lead to not having time for oneself.

And yet others, while having the time, are not purposefully giving themselves time.

I mean, the variations on this are endless.

So here is what I want to ask of all of us:

  • Find at least 10 minutes a day that are just for you.

That’s it.

There is no demand on that time.

As in, this is not a time where you have any “must’s” placed on it.

There are no “should’s” attached to this.

With all the wonderful things we can do for our self care, none of these are required with this.

The possibilities for these 10+ minutes are endless.

it is simply a matter of:

  • Take that bit of time for yourself away from others.
  • It’s not about completing tasks and getting things checked off of your to do list.
  • It’s not about accomplishing things that other’s have asked of you.
  • This is for you to just be.

You might be surprised, but doing this can have lots of benefits for you (and others around you, for that matter).

It can help you clear your head.

It can help you get centered within yourself (which typically makes us that much better at everything we do).

We get to feel calmer.

When we’re stuck in haste all of the time, this 10 minute break can help us regain perspective.

It gives you this little bit of a time out from all the demands, and that alone can shift your entire day towards something more lovely.

It can even help you shift your day if it’s not been going in a great direction.

For some of us, we may need to actually put it on our schedules to make sure these 10 minutes (minimum) happen.

For others, it might just be a matter of going with the flow (but really do make sure it happens!).

However you choose to do it is just fine.

But those 10 minutes really can shift many things in a very positive direction for you.

What do you think? Worth a try?

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