I have to be honest, this is really difficult for me. Choosing just one topic to talk to you about is so hard. I want you to know all the things to take the best care of your health as possible. And I had a few different ideas for this week – a simple exercise for your “energy body” to be in harmony and boost your health, why quitting junk food can be so difficult, vaccine ingredients, I can go on… – but given the holiday season we’re heading into, I think this week’s topic is rather pertinent. 

Alcohol. It’s always interesting to see what topics come up the most in any given week or month, and alcohol came up quite a bit lately. Don’t worry, I’m not condemning anyone having a drink at the end of the day, to celebrate, or just enjoying a nice Sunday Brunch. It’s not my place to condemn anyway, I just want you to have the important details. 

We all know alcohol is hard on the liver and that red wine can contain resveratrol which is healthy for us. 

But did you know that alcohol: 

  • Disrupts your sleep. Many think they sleep better after alcohol, but what actually happens is that there are these micro-disruptions to your sleep that you won’t be aware of, but your brain definitely takes a hit for it 
  • Disrupts your entire gut microbiome
  • Is linked to breast cancer
  • In excess is linked to dementia and just generally messes with your brain long term
  • Is extremely unsafe during pregnancy or breast feeding. There is no safe amount of alcohol during those times. I’m sorry, but just absolutely no. There are studies that show how fetal brain development is affected and that both during pregnancy and breast feeding their sleep gets screwed up and thusly affects development as well

The next part that people are surprised by is that 2 drinks per day per week is actually considered alcoholism.

Most of us have this image in our head of the sloppy drunk when I say alcoholism. But that’s not what I mean. I mean alcoholism on a physiological level.

This is where you get:

  • Depleted of B vitamins (your liver needs them to deal with sugar, your nervous system needs them for functioning, your cells need them to create energy)
  • Depleted of magnesium (hundreds of functions are served by magnesium and is already on the list of top deficiencies to begin with)
  • Disrupted gut flora and gut problems start up, not getting good sleep
  • More likely to be vitamin D deficient bc your liver plays an important role there, weight gain, weird health issues keep popping up

… For some people this can happen before the 2 drinks per day per week because there are varied alcohol tolerances from person to person. 

I get it, things have been tough this year for many. If that drink is helping you at the end of the day and you know you could just as easily not have that drink, maybe go with just one glass instead. Or throw in an occasional day where you don’t have a drink and give your body a break.

I’d prefer you go with red wine, organic, no added sulfites when you do have a glass. That way you can get the health benefits! 

If you notice you actually do need that glass or two, let’s touch base and see what we can do to get you supported. There are so many wonderful things we can do to help you out.

You might even surprise yourself and realize that you did need those drinks at some point, and now you don’t anymore (I’ve seen this shift happen with several of my lovely patients). 

In the meantime, if you know you’ll have a bit more alcohol during the holidays, it would be good to consider something from the following list to support your body (and no, you do NOT need all of these, this is just giving you options):

From Systemic Formula

  • 16B to keep your B’s up
  • MIN to give your body the whole symphony for your body to use magnesium optimally 
  • ABC to have some happy probiotics 
  • L liver to support your liver
  • Synulin because alcohol is sugar and we don’t need your blood sugar and insulin to get wonky 

If you need something from Systemic Formulas, just give us a call or text us at 719.922.0566

From CellCore BioSciences

  • Gluco Optimizer for blood sugar balance 
  • Inflamma Control to make sure you don’t get inflamed from the sugar 
  • Advanced TUDCA to support your liver

If you need something from CellCore BioSciences, just log on at https://cellcore.com/ and if you don’t have an account there yet, it is easy to create an account – go to register and use code TKWZSQIQ to quickly set up your account so you can order anytime!