I really didn’t think we would have to talk about this so soon in the year.
But fire season has already begun… badly.
The smoke is coming down from Canada, and is said to even reach Ireland.
It’s horrible, and I wish I could do more than keep them in my prayers.
What I can help you with, though, is making sure we stay healthy despite the smoke.

First off, here are some signs of smoke exposure:

  • Headaches
  • Scratchy / sore throat
  • Stuffy sinuses / increased mucous
  • Red or burning eyes
  • Increase in existing symptoms
  • Change in digestion or bowel movements
  • Not sleeping well
  • Fatigue
Preferably, you’ll start supporting your body before these symptoms start.
And while I hate to say it, we’ll want to avoid extra smoke exposure by staying inside for now.
When it comes to an external burden to our health, supporting internal health is a big key.

So here are some options to support your body:

  • Take vitamin C spread out throughout the day
  • Drink plenty of filtered water
  • Take magnesium (aside from all the functions it serves, it helps your cells clean up); the best magnesium I’ve found is: RnA ReSet ReMag
  • Use herbs to support your lungs – mullein, yarrow, nettle. I like them as tea, but you can also take them as tinctures
  • Up your ginger intake – you can make tea with fresh grated ginger, add ginger in your cooking, or take a supplement (but I prefer the other two ways)
Support your liver!!! You can do castor oil packs, take KL Support (CellCore BioSciences) or L / Ls liver from Systemic Formulas, or Siliphos from Thorne

If you were outside and had smoke exposure, you might also want to consider:

Sinus rinse – either using a saline spray or a neti pot
Inhale steam with thyme in it
Gently rinse your eyes and put a warm moist wash cloth over your eyes for 10 minutes
Also, if your lungs feel irritated from the smoke, some people have said castor oil packs on the chest help a lot.
And finally, something I consider to be a really important step here: using a good binder.
Obviously with smoke we are inhaling all sorts of compounds.
A good binder will help the body get rid of toxins, which will also help decrease the work load on the body.

My preferred binders for this include HM-ET Binder or ViRadChem Binder, both from CellCore BioSciences.

And in line with removing toxins to decrease the burden on your body, here are further steps you can take:
  • Sauna (or other ways of sweating)
  • Supporting your mitochondria – HIIT exercises, fasting, or sauna
  • Avoiding sugar
  • Move your lymph – rebounding, dry brushing
As usual, you’ll notice supporting one aspect of health supports them all.
And as always, I consider that a win!

Do You Want to be Healthier?