There is so much varied information about coffee.

Some says it’s great for health, some says it’s horrible for health.

But really, it’s about finding out if it works for you specifically.

My favorite way to figure out if coffee works for the individual is this:

In the morning, on a fasted stomach, check your blood sugar

Drink your coffee (without sugar and typical creamers, those aren’t good for anyone)

1 hour later check your blood sugar again

If your blood sugar went up, the coffee is stressing your system.

If your blood sugar stayed the same or even went down, the coffee is fine.

You see, if blood sugar went up from coffee, that means it stressed your adrenals.

The adrenals then told the liver you’re in fight / flight / freeze, so the liver dumps glucose into your bloodstream so you can react accordingly.

We don’t want to stress out the body even more, so if that is the response, we don’t want to do it.

There are other factors to consider with coffee.

Make sure it is organic – if it isn’t organic, it’s pretty much guaranteed there will be a ton of pesticides involved

Also, organic foods have higher nutrient content

Try to look for brands that have been tested for mold – mold is a huge issue with coffee

Whole bean and grinding it yourself is best, again avoiding mold exposure (you wouldn’t be able to see the spores, but with pre-ground there is a higher risk of mold)

Use filtered water

Don’t use coffee that was made using pods – more plastic, more chemical exposure

Additionally, for your coffee to be healthy:

Don’t add sugar (it’s toxic, messes with your brain…)

Don’t use typical creamers

Do try organic heavy whipping cream, or grass fed butter, or coconut oil

But even if you do fine with coffee, don’t drink it past 2 or 3 pm.

If you already feel stressed, just decrease your coffee intake – be nice to your body.

If you are considering decaf coffee…

Make sure it is done by the Swiss method – it uses water instead of chemicals (the more common method).

As a side note, if you like coffee but can’t handle it – that tends to point out a liver issue.

If you are drinking coffee because you need energy, please look for why you’re low on energy and fix the root cause.

Now, do you have to drink coffee? Of course not.

But I do want to make sure that it isn’t harming those who do like to drink it.

And one final note, those typical to go cups are lined with chemicals that are really bad.

Make sure to bring your own stainless steel travel coffee mug.