By now, I think we’re all on the same page here that health is multifaceted.

So when a seemingly simple question comes up, it’s very likely the answer is going to be a bit convoluted.

Let’s take osteoporosis as an example.

For one, the diagnosis of osteoporosis is a bit misleading.

In a sense, they are putting a diagnosis on a normal aging process.

And no, I don’t mean you fall apart as you age, stop with that excuse already!

I mean, studies have shown that lower bone mineral density in women reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Maybe the body knows what she’s doing…

The idea of osteoporosis comes from comparing 30-year old women with older women.

Does that really sound reasonable though?

We wouldn’t compare hormone levels between these two age groups to determine health either, would we?

I won’t go into this side of it further, and instead let’s focus on how to have healthy bones!

For this, we do need to consider diet, exercise, medications being used, fluoride, and supplements.

Diet – It goes nearly without saying that eating nourishing foods is key for this, yes?

Processed, sugared, crap food harms your entire body, that includes your bones.

Exercise – moving your body, especially resistance type of training like weight lifting, gives your body reason to keep those bones strong!

Medications, as usual are out of my scope, but I do want to point out that those osteoporosis drugs come with some serious side effects.

And other drugs can also affect bone health (and all over health) negatively as well.

Fluoride… this stuff is so toxic and has been shown to lower IQ, harm bone health, possibly worsens Alzheimer’s, increases cancer rate and heart disease, is really harmful to the thyroid, you get the picture.

And no, fluoride does not strengthen teeth.

As a matter of fact, when fluoride was introduced into the water, suddenly hip fractures went up.

Why? Because it makes bones (teeth, too) brittle. Hence more fractures.

You want healthy bones and teeth and overall health? Get rid of fluoride.

And finally there are some key nutrients that I do recommend supplementing because our foods tend to be deficient in them at this point.

Some of the most key nutrients for bone health include:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin D3

As usual, my favorite company for these nutrients is Systemic Formulas, because we can trust their product (they didn’t get bought up by Clorox or Nestle like many others did), and they make formulations that take the guesswork out of it for you.

(That’s CZI, MIN, and DV3 with them).

But doc, you didn’t say calcium!?!?!?

For most of us, we actually do get enough calcium from our food (no, you don’t need to drink cow dairy for this).

As a matter of fact, when medical doctors keep pushing so much calcium for bone health, that is when we see calcification of major arteries.

Why would that be?

Because most people aren’t deficient in calcium…

… and because we need the other nutrients I mentioned which most people are deficient in to get the calcium to where it is needed.

I’ve even had a patient who was told he needs his parathyroids removed because they didn’t like his bone density scans…

They were ignoring the fact that he was deficient in the 4 nutrients mentioned above, and instead of considering this they just wanted to slice and dice.

The nice thing is we get to choose how to handle our health and go a different route.

So what are the things we want to do for our bone health?

  • Eat nourishing, real food
  • Exercise regularly
  • Use caution about drugs
  • Remove fluoride
  • Take key supplements