Are you struggling with making better food choices?

Part of the issue is that most stuff in the grocery store is not real food anymore…

…and is created to be addicting, not filling, and thus have people coming for more.

And despite the fact that people know that this stuff posing as food is harmful to them…

… like causing cancer, brain issues, autoimmune disfunction, neurological issues, behavioral issues, infertility, etc people still eat them.

And you know me, I’m always trying to find ways to help you turn to natural foods more.

I think the subject of this newsletter pretty much takes the cake…

Do you know which food companies use human fetal cells?

Or, rather, did you know some companies use human fetal cells in their products?

It’s been found that human fetal cells are used to make “artificial flavorings.”

Ok, that just turned my stomach again, but you need to know this.

Now, personally, that is enough for me to not use processed / fast food / junk food EVER.

Since they are considered enhancers of flavor, they don’t need to be listed as an ingredient, hence the lame cover all of “artificial flavors.”

And that’s assuming products that give an ingredient list, fast food doesn’t have ingredient lists on them, does it?

So this flavoring that is made out of human fetal cells was created by Senomyx, a San Diego based company.

What kind of brands use Senomyx?

Well, this covers all sorts of products from pet foods to candies, water, soda, energy drinks, chips, gum, soups, condiments, potentially some medicines, and the list does go on.

Senomyx says they are “focused on using proprietary taste receptor – based assays.”

Aside from the human fetus cell issue, these artificial flavors actually bypass normal tasting processes and interact directly with the brain receptors.

That’s not how food is supposed to work.

All of this has been going on for quite a while…

And some of the companies connected with this are:

  • Cadbury/Kraft
  • Campbell’s Soup
  • Nestle
  • PepsiCo

Keep in mind, some of these are companies that have a lot of other companies under their umbrella.

Since I always talk about finding what motivates you to make healthy decisions for yourself, does this help you steer clear of processed / artificial crap?

The idea that the “food” you consume could contain or stem from human fetal cells? …

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