This is a big one for your health.

It’s pretty obvious what my favorite supplement companies are.

They are the ones I use, my family uses, and that I recommend to my patients.

What might be less obvious is why that is…

… and why it is so important for your health.

I mean, a lot of other supplements say they are organic and whatnot.

The companies I use, such as Systemic Formulas, CellCore BioSciences, and Standard Process, are actually their own companies.

As in, they do not belong to big corporations, and the people I’ve met from these companies are the actual owners, they stand with the integrity they claim, their products are well researched and sourced.

They batch test, and if anything doesn’t live up to their standards they send it back (you’ll remember certain products being out of stock or even reformulated because of this).

This is unlike a lot of other companies who have been bought up by big corporations.

That’s when we start seeing supposed healthy brands suddenly having GMOs, pesticides, fillers, etc, but not always labeled as such either.

I mean, I’m not shocked that skittles is getting sued for containing titanium dioxide (a carcinogen) and not having labeled it as such.

But when brands that are supposed to be healthy are suddenly shown to contain pesticides, that only makes sense once you realize which gigantic corporation bought them.

As an example, did you know the following have been bought by Nestle:

  • Garden of Life
  • Puritan’s Pride, Solgar, Nature’s Bounty, Osteo Bi-Flex (all under the Bountiful Company umbrella)
  • Nuun
  • Freshly
  • Orgain
  • Essentia Water (no, I don’t recommend alkaline water, but I wanted to cover a range)
  • Vital Proteins – Nestle acquired the majority stake for this one

And, did you know Clorox (yes, that company with the toxic cleaning products) bought:

  • Renew Life Formulas
  • Nutranext
  • GreenWorks
  • Hidden Valley Ranch
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Brita Water Filter (listed as a suborganization of Clorox)

I gave a range of products here so you can understand how deep this goes, and this is not the whole list.

You see, several years ago, while buying a Burt’s Bees lip balm we were shocked to read aluminum on the ingredients list…

That hadn’t been there before!

But when we realized Clorox is the owner now, well, no more surprise.

With the acquisition of companies, changes come about, and typically not the healthy kind.

Would I ever trust Clorox or Nestle or any major corporation with anything, let alone anything health related?


So anything from them or any company they acquired I will not buy or use.

Is this a tedious process?

It can be, but the more local and natural you choose the easier it becomes.

And just as an example as to what my issue is with big corporations, let’s look at Nestle.

  • They made a major push for their infant formula, where it has been said that they bribed medical doctors to recommend Nestle infant formula.
  • Their samples were then handed out in hospitals, and by the time the sample was used up, lactation was disrupted long enough that these mothers now had to rely on Nestle’s product.
  • Nestle has also mined water in ways that are unethical, and a previous CEO of Nestle even stated “access to water should not be a public right.”
  • They have also used slave labor in Thailand (the product involved with this is Purina cat food, that’s Nestle).

I mean, I could go on… but you are getting the point here, yes?

It is only a handful of companies that control pretty much everything.

And I don’t mean to pick on Clorox or Nestle or Coca Cola (who own Honest Tea and Odwalla).

Kellogg owns Kashi, which is considered a “health” brand by many but has been found to contain GMOs and pesticides. And Kraft Heinz own a lot of brands now, too…

It looks like we have so many options, but we don’t.

It’s a handful of companies who own the majority of products on the shelves, where the top shareholders are pretty much always Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, and/or Berkshire Hathaway.

They are companies that don’t care about our health, who happily greenwash products, and use harmful toxins and unethical practices…

Oh, and who think water isn’t a basic human right by saying it’s not a public right.

This, and many more reasons, is why I’m so picky about products I recommend.

The supplement companies I work with are small, other products I use are as local as possible or at least from small companies as well.

All of this affects your health.

It affects our society.

It affects our planet.

It needs our awareness.

And now you know why I’m so picky about any recommendation I make, and why you should be choosy, too.

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