Inflammation is the base for most every disease and physical problem we deal with as humans.

Inflammation is your body’s response to infection, stress, eating the wrong foods, poor sleep, etc.

Clearly, there are many causes of inflammation, making it all the more important to handle the parts that we can control.

Accepting we can’t control everything and focusing on the parts we can is actually a great step to decreasing stress. 

It is important to keep in mind that your body responds with inflammation because it is a way of healing.

But there is a big difference between acute inflammation and chronic inflammation.

If you twist your ankle, pretty quickly there will be pain, redness, swelling, etc. This is acute inflammation. Acute inflammation is how your body heals the twisted ankle. In this situation it is best to rest your ankle and let your body heal.

I would advise against the typical icing protocol because that actually disrupts your natural healing process and increases risk of re-injury.

Chronic inflammation is what happens when your body can’t get a handle on whatever source is attacking you. This may be sugar or other food, lack of sleep, infection, stress, exposure to chemicals or heavy metals, parasites (far more common than people expect), etc.

Chronic inflammation is something you’ll want to get a handle on asap, because this is the base for almost all diseases. This is when your body is spinning out of control, is overwhelmed, you’re more prone to sickness and other issues.

So this article is about how to address this chronic inflammation. 

We’ll focus on two ways of removing stressors, and one way of helping your body heal better. 

  • Avoid sugar.

I know people hate when I bring this up. Sugar is highly addictive, causes inflammation every time you consume it, and cuts your immune system in half for 5-12 hours after you consume it. Going cold turkey is not everyones cup of tea, so I would recommend looking at your weekly consumption and slowly baby stepping your way towards decreasing that. It might be easier if you look for some of these substitutes: stevia (I prefer the brand Stevita, many who have had problems with stevia in the past do great with this brand), monk fruit, and in some cases erythritol (some are sensitive to this one, just be aware if you try it). This is a great step to take because for this one action you get tons of health benefits! 

When people cut out sugar from their diet, we have seen great results like eliminating brain fog, fewer illnesses, better sleep, more energy, more stable blood sugar, and the list goes on. 

  • Get rid of toxins in your home.

There are many toxic chemicals in many everyday products and household items. This fact can feel very overwhelming, so we’ll start with one very easy step – check out your shower curtain. Does it say PVC free? If it doesn’t, go get a PVC free shower curtain. PVC is a chemical considered to be one of the most toxic chemicals to manufacture, and often also contains phthalates. Phthalates are known endocrine-disrupting chemicals, increase the risk of breast cancer, and are considered an obesogen. So basically, check all of your products to make sure they are PVC and phthalate free! This goes not only for shower curtains, but also kids toys, personal care products, and garden hoses.

On a side note, obesogens are exactly what they sound like – they make us gain weight even to the point of obesity.

Do you know someone who has been struggling with their weight no matter what? These chemicals can be a big part of the problem! 

There are many more toxins we need to be beware of and eliminate from our lifestyle. Removing phthalates is a great starting point, especially because of how pervasive they are. We are creating an entire course to address the problem of inflammation, with an entire module focused specifically on these toxins that are in your home right now – what they are, how to remove these sources, how to heal your body from them. 

  • Take GCEL from Systemic Formulas.

GCEL very specifically helps your body produce glutathione – the most protective antioxidant your body can produce. The key part here is that this product doesn’t take your body’s job away, it supports your body in the production of glutathione. GCEL is also so revolutionary because it actually gets the nutrients to your cells, instead of them getting destroyed in your GI, which is a common problem with glutathione products. Aside from this, it also supports your liver, supports longevity, helps your nerves, and helps your immune system. I could go on, but I think you get the point, this one product does a ton of heavy lifting for your body.

Removing the sources of toxicity and dis-ease is always key.

Without removing the source you’ll just get trapped in a vicious never ending cycle. GCEL is a key step in this process as well, because removing the outside sources needs to be accompanied with removing the chemicals that have accumulated in your body.

By supporting your body’s natural healing processes, your body will naturally be able to detox better as well. 

There are many things we can do to improve your health. Removing the stress load on your body is a wonderful start or furthering step, depending on where you are at in your health journey. If you are interested in adding GCEL to your health regime, please contact us at for further information. 

Happy healing!