Have you been sleeping well? Do you sleep through the night or wake up often? Are you waking up and feeling actually refreshed?

These questions are hugely important, because sleep is the base for all of our health.

Did you know, as an adult, having even just one night of less than 8 hours of sleep can cut your immune system in half?

Poor sleep can also make you gain weight, lose mental focus, increase chronic inflammation, and so much more.

If this is you, a. please keep reading this article, and b. please check out these two articles to get better sleep and to support your immune system:

The Importance of Sleep

Vitamin C, zinc, melatonin and the coronavirus

Just as a quick recap, to support your immune system take vitamin D3 (our preference is DV3, it has the right amount of vitamin D3, plus the absolutely necessary vitamin K2 and other components your body needs to actually use the D3), vitamin C (CTV is great for this, again the formulation is perfect for maximum effectiveness), and magnesium (our preference here is MIN, also because it has zinc and selenium and other important minerals to boot).

It’s while you are sleeping that your brain gets to decrease inflammation and heal.

This goes for the whole body, but the brain needs sleep so badly because its lymph system (called the glymph system) functions largely during sleep. We don’t want toxins and gunk (highly technical term) building up in your brain, so sleep is a must.

Getting your sleep hygiene in order will help your sleep a lot better. Meaning:

  • having a bedtime routine to signal to your brain that sleep is coming up soon
  • not using blue light devices too close to bedtime
  • having your bedroom at a slightly cooler temperature
  • making sure your last meal/intake of calories is a few hours before sleeping. If you eat close before bedtime, blood flow has to go to your gut to digest the food you ate. Your brain needs blood flow at night so it can heal though.
  • add a drop of frankincense oil to your temples to support healing during sleep
  • if needed, of course there are some supplements to support your sleep

My preferences are from Systemic Formulas: DREM, CALM, N3, or General Sedate depending on what’s keeping you from your happy sleep. Careful about taking just melatonin, your body should produce that itself and supplementing long term with it can actually lead to depression.

It is important to point out that poor sleep can also be an indicator of heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, and parasites (especially if sleep is cyclical with the moon). If sleep continues being poor for you, it’s highly likely that one or more of these are involved. In that case, please call/text us at 719.922.0566 or email us at info@unlimitedhealthy.com so we can get a handle on that. Those detoxes are huge, and those burdens affect more than just your sleep.