Sometimes big, tough things come up that completely wipe our memories of any healing tool we have.

That’s because stress pushes us into fight / flight / freeze.

This resides in the reptilian part of our brain, and it only wants to keep you alive (not get eaten by the sabertooth tiger).

The prefrontal cortex of your brain is in charge of executive function and expressing your personality (and much more) and knows all of the healthy tools you’ve learned.

That’s the part of the brain we want to shift back to.

So during this high stress, there are two simple things I recommend to get you back into your prefrontal cortex.

1. Ground yourself.

Go outside and walk barefoot on the grass, in the sand, on the earth, whatever it is you have available.

This helps calm down your entire system and is the most minimum effort we can hope for to help us so profoundly.

Give it a few minutes, focus on your breathing while you’re at it.

I’m usually walking around because the movement helps me as well.

The second one is a little more doable no matter where you are at:

2. Tap in peace.

To tap in peace, you start tapping on the side of your hand and then continue tapping through the rest of the points saying the following:

  • peace in front of me
  • peace behind me
  • peace to my left
  • peace to my right
  • peace above me
  • peace below me
  • peace inside of me
  • peace all around me
  • I am peace

The tapping sends a calming signal to your brain, it allows you to process the big feelings you are feeling, and it brings you back to your prefrontal cortex.

And as a bonus, the tapping might even help you think of a solution in the process.

You can repeat this as often as you need.

If you’re in a place where tapping on the face points feels awkward to you, just stick with the side of the hand.

For those of you who have done tapping sessions with me, you know the points.

If you don’t know the points, just head over to this page: and look at the “What Are the Specific Meridian Points Used” part.

Depending on how stressed things get, I like to combine the grounding with the tapping.

Either way, this will help you calm down and start acting like yourself again.

I do like to do this just as general maintenance for myself on a regular basis.

We really shouldn’t wait for big stress to hit to start taking care of ourselves 😉

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