To me, Christmas is about love, family, and connection.

And I want to focus on the first one of those – love.

Do you show yourself love?

How about your health?

One of the most important things we need to do when it comes to our health is to come from a place of love.

Taking care of your health from a place of love means doing the healthy things to nourish yourself, to take care of your body, to work with your body.

Taking care of your health while thinking you have to fight or beat a disease is coming from a place of fear.

The fear and battleground approach was started at the beginning of the last century, and it was never meant to serve us.

Coming from a place of love means understanding that your body is never fighting you, your body is always on your side.

Doing all the healthy things from a love mindset does get us moving forward and to health.

Now, I’ve seen some starting off on the love side… and then something discouraging comes along and it can be just so easy to slip back into the “battling” mindset.

With that, progress slows, and sometimes even just halts.

When we deal with difficult health, it is completely understandable that it can get to be too much.

Luckily, there is an incredible tool you can use to help you through that.

I’ve mentioned it before – EFT (also called tapping).

EFT allows you to:

  • deal with your emotions
  • rewire your brain
  • decrease your cortisol levels
  • and sometimes even figure out a better path forward when you are feeling really stuck

You can do it anytime, all you need is to know the points to use! You can find those points and more info here:

EFT also makes it much easier to learn to give ourselves grace, which is definitely part of coming from a place of love.

So with that, how have you been approaching your health?

It’s never to late to shift our health mindset!