Do you know what my most common question is?

“How are your bowel movements?”

Every patient of mine has been asked this at some point (if not at every single appointment).


For the same reason I want to know if you can sweat well.

If you can handle temperature variation.

How your sleep is.

If you’re having trouble with any foods.

What your energy levels are like.

There are many varied questions I ask.

What I’m looking for is how your body is holding up with all the important functions she’s supposed to do.

These functions can tell me if and where the body is struggling with detox.

Detox is at the core of our health.

That’s because your body knows perfectly well how to be healthy.

It is when we have toxins and nutrient deficiencies, causing all sorts of inflammation, that people develop dis-ease.

There are many other symptoms that can tell us that something is going on, but these core body functions give me insight into root cause.

I bring this up for two reasons.

1. Please use the healthy habits I talk about all of the time.

It is much easier to stay healthy than to have to backtrack from dis-ease.

2. If you are noticing difficulty in any of these areas, consider diving into my detox courses to get you back on track!

You see, I know that especially around the holidays people have a hard time sticking to healthy habits.

There are changes in routine, get togethers take place, late nights, and for a lot of people a lot of stress (and let’s not forget about sugar… and alcohol…)

So in a way, this is also to make sure you get to enjoy your holidays!

Taking the time to take care of you does in fact mean you get to be healthier and happier.

Personally, I think that’s totally worth it!

And if you agree, please check out my detox courses (they are built in three tiers) here: