Did you know that depression and concussions can have overlapping symptoms?

That means there are people thinking they have depression, but they actually have a concussion.

And the underlying connection also ties back to physiology of infancy and learning disabilities…

I’ll go back to the beginning so this can make more sense.

When we are born, we have primitive reflexes.

Primitive reflexes let the baby be an active participant during birth.

They also help with brain development.

Around 4-6 months old these primitive reflexes need to start disappearing so further brain development can take place.

By 1 year of age the primitive reflexes have to be gone completely.

Otherwise we have something going on with the brain that we have to reconnect ASAP.

As far as concussions go, there are 6 different types.

Often they are overlooked or misdiagnosed.

A concussion can also re-activate primitive reflexes.

But how can you tell if it is depression or a concussion?

At best, you by yourself, can assume it may be a concussion if, before the depression started, there was some type of incident or accident.

I do need to point out that concussions do not only happen with a direct blow to the head.

Concussions do not always include being knocked unconscious either.

So at that point, if there was an incident, even if you feel like that wouldn’t be enough to cause a concussion, it’ll be a good idea to get that checked out.

But who? Or how?

This is where we as chiropractors (sadly we are not all trained in this) will head back to check for primitive reflexes.

We’ll check for eye movements.

I would also check your cranial nerves.

All these things tell us about what is going on with your brain.

You’ll need to get adjusted, which may look different than usual.

And then I will give you a plan that will include specific exercises for you to heal.

Bear in mind these exercises are actually brain exercises.

So pushing and going all out with them will not serve you. Be gentle.

But these primitive reflexes tie into so much more!

What types of symptoms would make me check on primitive reflexes again?

  • Learning disabilities
  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • Autism
  • Clumsiness
  • Dyslexia
  • Poor at sports
  • Stutters
  • W sitting
  • Not crawling correctly
  • Toe walking
  • Balance issues

I could go on…

So what is the big take away here?

It all keeps coming back to neurology and chiropractic.

Because keep in mind, chiropractic is not about bones and joints cracking.

It is about reconnecting the nervous system and allowing for your optimal function and healing.

If any of this made your ears perk up, and now you’re wondering…

… just reach out to me and ask. You’re not alone in this.