So… I was torn, do I remind you to ease your stress and enjoy this time?

Or do I remind you there is no cold and flu season and how to stay healthy…

How about a combo?

A few simple steps to reduce stress and stay healthy:

  • get your sleep!
  • move your body however makes you happy – dance, get on the rebounder, exercise, etc.
  • weather permitting, get outside
  • try to avoid sugar – that stuff does make us get sick easier
  • take your CZI, 16B, DV3, and MIN – they are the basic building blocks of body function – that include immune function and staying healthy (if I’ve seen you recently, stick with the ones we discussed)
  • take the time to meditate, pray, EFT tap, journal, whatever resonates with you
  • remember it is not about perfection, actually pause and remember to enjoy

These two topics actually fit together beautifully because our emotional state absolutely affects our health.

Stress certainly isn’t the optimal emotional state for us to be in, that comes as no surprise!

And just stuffing that down doesn’t work either.

In a study looking at cancer patients they found that the patients in touch with their feelings had stronger immune systems and smaller tumors.

Seeing this close connection between emotions and health, I hope you choose to take those healthy healing steps I listed above!

And with this, too, nobody is asking for perfection.

Take those baby steps to healing and enjoy the holidays!

Win, win 🙂