I know you’ve heard about hormones.

But have you ever thought about what they really are?

They are little chemical messengers your body uses to control and regulate your cells and organs.

That means hormones are really important for your health.

Some of the overall functions that are controlled by your hormones include:

  • maintaining body temperature
  • sleep
  • thirst and hunger
  • mood
  • growth and development
  • pregnancy

But why am I bringing this up?

Well, because a lot of people are exposed to toxins that screw up hormone levels.

It’s important to realize that common symptoms can be an indication of something being wrong on that hormonal level.

And if one area is affected, everything is taking a hit (not that you need to freak out, it’s just something that needs to be addressed).

So what are some of these symptoms that can indicate your hormones are wonky?

  • weight gain
  • trouble sleeping
  • hair loss
  • mood issues
  • bad periods
  • difficulty concentrating and poor memory
  • bloating
  • loss of sex drive
  • swollen and tender breasts
  • fatigue
  • skin issues

And now for the major question…

If hormones are wonky, what should you do?

Well, just like with everything in health, you’ll want to address what is causing the disruption in your hormones.

It’s not a matter of using stronger products on your skin, or Tylenol to avoid the cramps, or sleep meds to knock you out at night.

None of those things actually help you heal.

The most typical cause of disrupted hormones is some form of toxicity.

This could be from plastics, mold, parasites, heavy metals, eating the wrong foods, or a combination of those.

So right now, I just want you to consider your health…

Do you experience symptoms and have put them off as typical?

For example, it may be typical for you to feel fatigued, but it certainly isn’t normal.

And it definitely indicates a health issue if that fatigue is typical for you.

Maybe you can think of symptoms right away, if not, start watching yourself for the next weeks and hear what your body is telling you.

The next steps are removing the source, cleaning up your drainage funnel, and then detoxing.

This is where it can get tricky, because you don’t want to overwhelm your body even further…

Just know, there will be an answer, because you are created to be healthy and that is what your body is always striving towards.

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