Last week we talked about 11 signs that your hormones are wonky.

So let’s talk about some foods that support your hormones!

As a reminder, hormones control hunger and feeling full, your cycle, mood, sleep, etc.

When it comes to hormones, it’s not just about whether you have them, or even how much.

In supporting your hormones, we actually want to consider:

  • the production of hormones and which pathway was used
  • if and how those hormones are used
  • how they are metabolized
  • if they are fully eliminated (or build up in your system)

When I’m talking about foods to help you balance hormones, I do mean organic, GMO free, hormone/antibiotic free, pastured, and preferably eaten during the appropriate seasons.

Keep in mind, all of these foods will have way more benefits for your health, we’re just focusing on hormones right now.

  1.  Dandelions, Cilantro, and / or Parsley – they support your liver, and your liver is really important for hormone metabolism.
  2. Probiotics – healthy bacteria are key for your entire health and your gut. It’s your gut that is also involved with hormone balance!
  3. Healthy Fats – this includes avocado, coconut oil, olive oil (not heated), grass fed butter, lard, ghee – they are the building blocks for all hormones.
  4. Cruciferous Vegetables – this includes broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. They support your body in using the correct (less inflammatory) pathways in hormone production, which also decreases potential carcinogenic effects of estrogen being too high.
  5. Water – there is an increase in hormone release when you are dehydrated, upping your appetite and causing other issues. Drinking clean water is vital!
  6. Cinnamon – this spice helps balance insulin and is anti-inflammatory, meaning it helps your body rebalance and heal on all fronts. It has also been found to be effective against menstrual issues! Just make sure it’s Ceylon cinnamon.
  7. Sweet Potato – they support the liver, helping against the buildup of excess hormones.
  8. Spinach – being an iron-rich food, spinach can be supportive in the production of thyroid hormones.
  9. Eggs – between the choline and the selenium, amongst other nutrients, eggs support you as an antioxidant and benefit the endocrine (hormone) system.
  10. Organic, grass fed grass finished, pastured beef, bison, elk, chicken, turkey – these provide essential amino acids that are needed to produce specific hormones including growth hormone.
  11. Turmeric – curcumin is the active ingredient here, and it is a regulator for hormone balance. It may even help with regulating irregular cycles, extend viability of eggs in the ovary, and prevent PCOS.

With all of that said, and these foods being great for your hormones and your overall health…

I do want to point out that an all around healthy “diet” will affect your hormones too.

By avoiding things that stress your body, you allow your body to function optimally.

That includes having well balanced hormones.

So it’s not just about eating the above mentioned foods, it always comes back to an all around healthy lifestyle.

No single food, or even 11 of them, can overcome toxicities, poor food choices, and major stress. It all goes hand in hand.

And if there is a food you don’t like or don’t do well with in this list, of course don’t use that one!

And keep in mind that which foods your body likes can vary with the seasons, with your stress levels, depend on your personal biochemical makeup, and levels of inflammation.

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