Now that we are past the holidays, one of the most common issues I hear about is constipation. While the holidays are often seen as a great reason to ignore the usual good habits, the body just doesn’t agree. 

Here’s the problem: bowel movements are one of the biggest key players in your body’s ability to detox. 

Not pooping = build up of all sorts of gunk and toxins.

You know this to be true because constipation is often accompanied by discomfort, sluggishness, low back pain, anxiety, fatigue, maybe even headaches, sleep issues, weight issues, and getting sick easier.

To help your bowels get back on track, here are some easy steps you can take. 

  1. Hydrate! Drinking enough water is vital for this process.
  2. Get Exercise. Physically moving your body helps your bowels get moving, too.
  3. Cut out all the junk that got you constipated in the first place (sugar, grains, processed foods, alcohol, cow dairy, etc)
  4. Dry brushing. This moves your lymph, supports detox and your immune system, and helps get things moving again. 
  5. Use CellCore BioSciences “Poop Pack.” Very appropriately named, this will supports your bowels (in a non addictive, restoring peristalsis, type of way). It also supports your liver, kidneys, and removes biotoxins for a healthier microbiome.  To order this, just go to and use your login. If you don’t have an account set up with them right now, just reach out to us at and we can help get you set up quickly and easily. 

If constipation has been a more ongoing problem for you, not just a brief holiday issue, the above list is appropriate for you, too. But in addition, you may want to consider: 

  1. Magnesium deficiency
  2. Thyroid or hormonal issues
  3. Imbalanced gut flora 
  4. Consistent high stress
  5. Prescription medications
  6. Opioids 

For this list, it is best to set up an appointment with me, as the underlying issues can be hugely varying from person to person.

Prescription medications are out of my scope, as always, but we can take a look to see if they are the problem for you. If they are, we can trouble shoot this by supporting your body’s specific needs. 

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