Seldom do I say someone has to do anything every day…

Or that you have to do anything at all. Usually I say it’s totally your call.

But this is really important!

Have you pooped today?

I know a lot of people get uncomfortable with this topic, but it is really important for your health.

Bowel movements are a major way for your body to get rid of toxins.

It has to happen daily.

If this part of your drainage funnel doesn’t work, all other parts (liver, bile duct, kidneys, lymph, glymph, mitochondria, lungs) will take a hit for it, too.

For some reason I’m still hearing of medical doctors saying it’s fine for people to poop only 3 times per week.

Hearing that makes me panic a little, and makes me want to say if this is happening with you let’s do an appointment yesterday.

Consider that your bowels are involved with:

  • your immune system
  • regulating hormones
  • your mood
  • houses a huge portion of your microbiome
  • digests your food for you to be assimilated and utilized
  • and let’s not forget the “gut feeling” that is really important…

You have to have daily bowel movements, 1-3 times preferably, that’s just necessary for health and wellbeing.

Your stool should be well formed, brown, and you shouldn’t be able to recognize any of the foods you ate.

People tend to be pretty aware when they have trouble with their bowel pathway, so let’s jump ahead to how you can support daily bowel movements.

Easy steps to support your bowels:

  • cut out sugar (inflammation isn’t helping here)
  • drink plenty of clean water
  • move your body – walking, yoga, belly dancing, etc
  • figure out which foods your body likes / dislikes, eat accordingly
  • reduce your stress levels
  • eat whole, organic food
  • Supplements to consider: Bowel Mover from CellCore BioSciences, D Digest from Systemic Formulas, FBR Fibers for Intestinal Health from Systemic Formulas
  • eat probiotic foods
  • make sure you have good magnesium levels (not with a test, take a good supplement)
  • coffee enemas
  • castor oil pack on the whole abdomen

You’ll notice these are all overall healthy steps to take anyway.

And that makes sense, right?

Everything in health is connected and interconnected.

So don’t be surprised when you start seeing other areas of your health improving as you get your bowels moving well!

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