Your nervous system controls everything going on in your body! One key function is to keep you safe. This is where the responses of fight/flight/freeze and rest/digest/heal come in. 

Most people are aware of their stress levels at least to some extent…

But if your nervous system feels you are not safe, that can actually mean learning new things and being adventurous feel impossible. New feels impossible and scary.

You might feel really discombobulated at the mere thought of trying something new or adventurous. Or you may just feel overwhelmed all the time. 

If there has been something holding you back, and you can’t put your finger on it, it may be time to check in with yourself. Your nervous system may be thinking it’s doing you a huge favor. (And you need to cut yourself some slack). 

Our modern lives, with all the chaos and hectic, have a habit of pushing us more into the fight/flight/freeze response. This really only serves us when we are actually being chased by a saber tooth tiger, though. In short bursts, at the right time, fight/flight/freeze is a life saver. 

But when you are in fight/flight/freeze, by default, you are not in rest/digest/heal mode.

In order to be healthy, you have to be able to rest, to digest your food, and for your body to heal. 

Have you ever noticed that when stress levels rise, sleep can be difficult? Or certain meals suddenly feel really heavy, or maybe you don’t have much of an appetite? Or how you get sick easily when you are stressed? Right. Because during stress you are not in your rest/digest/heal mode. 

I know you were already aware of how bad stress is for health, yes? So what can you do to get your nervous system back on your side? So that your nervous system knows that spread sheet isn’t a saber tooth tiger? To allow you to rest, and eat, and heal…

Of course, identifying your source of stress and eliminating it would be ideal.

For the instances where that is not doable, you can gently coax your nervous system back to your side. 

  • One of your greatest assets will be your vagus nerve. This nerve is very important for the rest/digest/heal response! To activate it, you can sing, hum, splash cold water on your face, or scream. These are at least the quickest ways to access it.
  • Getting out into nature is a great step to take. Taking a walk or hike, feeling the sunshine and breathing fresh air. Getting your body moving will help dissolve some of those stress hormones so you can relax better. Plus, taking that walk literally removes you from your stressors, moves your lymph, improves your mood, and makes your whole body happy. 
  • When things get really crazy, and I just have to get through it, I have seen my mental capacity take a hit. That’s when I take Neurosyn from Systemic Formulas, just to support my brain and get me back on track. 
  • It’s also important to remember that toxins such as heavy metals, mold, parasites, and chemicals are a huge burden on your body and can put you in perpetual fight/flight/freeze as your body struggles with the extra load. If that’s the case for you, we’ll want to make sure your body is ready to have some detox support and just get rid of those toxins! 
  • And if things are really crazy in this very moment, sit up straight, take a deep breath (I bet your breath was shallow just now), and smile. All three of these actions tell your brain that you’re good!