Last week, did you catch that part about garlic being a great way to feed good bacteria?

As in, it is a prebiotic.

And did you wonder why something that is considered to be a natural antibiotic is also a prebiotic?

(Now, stay with me here because having an understanding around these things will let you take better care of your health.)

It’s about pleomorphism.

This is where good bacteria will change into “bad” bacteria because of a toxic environment.

Garlic has a lot of healthy properties, which in turn creates a healthy environment.

There is still debate whether returning the body back to health allows the “bad” bacteria to morph back into “good” bacteria…

Or if the healthy environment just eliminates the “bad” bacteria…

But either way it works.

The important contrast is that medical antibiotics wipe out all bacteria.

That includes the good ones we need to live.

And it can take years to establish a healthy microbiome again after using medical antibiotics…

… along with the creation of a lot of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains when medical antibiotics are used (this leads to big problems).

So big picture, we should establish a healthy environment in our bodies (which does involve cleaning up our external environment).

A big piece of that is detox yet again (which involves removing the toxin source, taking care of your body’s drainage funnel, and then using the right binders).

But also all the other parts such as:
– Getting proper sleep
– Getting true darkness during said sleep
– Eating organic, real food
– Using tools such as fasting, meditation, earthing, etc
– Supplementing needed nutrients
– Chiropractic adjustments
– Sweating at least 3 times per week

Now, if we do run into an issue with bacteria, my go to’s at that point are:
– Liquid goldenseal (tastes horrible but is so effective)
– Grapefruit seed extract
– Garlic

I don’t use all of them at once, it kind of depends. But these are my favorite go to’s.

So, considering how important bacteria are for life, are you ready to support them accordingly?

And isn’t it nice that taking care of yourself naturally automatically supports them too?

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