I avoid getting political in these newsletters because I want to stick with health.

But there are two things that I think are super important to address right now, because they affect your health.

And even better, there are steps you can take.

First, did you see the CDC has changed the guidelines!

No more quarantining, even after exposure.

6 foot social distancing isn’t recommended anymore.

And guidelines are the same for both vaxxed and unvaxxed.

I won’t go into the political side of how many people lost their jobs, homes, business, for refusing the jab… or lost their lives because they got the jab…

… and that there have been over 1.3 million vaxxine injuries reported to the VAERS system (the government-funded system for reporting vaxxine adverse events).

But I do feel this gives me a great opportunity to remind everyone that your health is in your hands.

This is actually really great and where you can take action!

Your food choices, sleep hygiene, thoughts, social interaction, etc all impact your health.

Of course, eating organic is important, cutting out sugar, exercising, meditation or prayer, and supplementing against deficiencies is important as well.

And I really want to emphasize the importance of social connection.

As humans we are social creatures. That doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert, but we all do need connections – whether it’s with friends, family, whatever.

Let’s just make sure we have them as one of our priorities.

Second, climate change.

No, it’s not because humans are eating meat.

But yes, we do need to actually raise animals species appropriately, which in turn reduces the burden on the environment and the animals.

And this is where we can take action again!

We can make smart choices for our health and the environment when we buy anything, and…

Did you know that if we increase the biodiversity in our environment we are helping against climate change.

What does that look like for us?

Not cultivating grass lawns is one step. They kill biodiversity…

Typically, they require a lot of watering (I hear there are droughts happening in some areas…).

And usually a lot of weed killer (toxic chemicals such as Roundup) are used to keep the lawn looking pristine.

The irony is that those weed killers kill “weeds” such as dandelion, plantain, and white clover.

Why is it ironic? Because those three (and many others) are super healing and important for our health.

So humans are spreading toxins that harm health and the environment to kill off plants that nourish and nurture health and the environment.

We do have the opportunity to make our gardens both functional and healing. How delightful!

Also, let’s plant more trees.

This improves air quality, gives shade and can reduce energy expenditure depending on where they are planted (by providing that shade), and lower temperatures.

And as a final thought, you might want to read the book “Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter” by Ben Goldfarb.

Seems really random? But we’re talking about climate change…

It’ll make more sense after you read it.

And spoiler alert, they positively affect the environment, can be a huge asset for water conservation and in rehabilitating habitats. The more we know…

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