Do you want a simple number to keep track of for your health?

Something you can check yourself and it gives you valuable information about what your body is up to?

It’s blood sugar testing.

Did you know when you’re fasted and blood sugar is consistently over 90 mg/dl you are heading towards insulin resistance?

Using the monitor of your choice (I like the ones that can also test ketones) you select specific times for when you want to test.

For me, I like to do it in the morning when I’m fasted, looking for it to be below 90 mg/dl.

I like it even better when that number is under 85 mg/dl.

If you happen to like your coffee during your intermittent fasting, you’ll want to recheck your blood sugar 1 hour after drinking your coffee.

If your blood sugar number dropped or stayed same, then you can go ahead and have that coffee during your fast.

This goes for black coffee, coffee with butter or coconut oil, or for some even coffee with organic heavy whipping cream.

I’ve also used this method to see which foods are best for me to break a fast with.

But what to do if your blood sugar is consistently over 90 mg/dl in a fasted state?

You’ll want to play around with fasting (as in, varying the length of time).

This gives your body time to use that glucose in your blood and cells, and you won’t spike your insulin repeatedly.

It’s during fasting that the body gets to really heal.

Add in exercise!

HIIT training is great for this. And I really just recommend 3 minutes of this to support your mitochondria and use up that glucose!

Doing other exercises such as weight lifting, walking, etc is great, too.

Variation, just like with food, is great for exercise.

And of course cutting out sugar is going to be important as well.

Just start taking steps with this, personally I like using liquid stevia instead.

Further dietary changes may be necessary as well, the basics of which are cutting out processed foods and fast food for now…

Sometimes I like to use Synulin from Systemic Formulas for a little extra support with normal blood sugar.

But just to be clear, no supplement can truly negate bad habits. It’s not instead of the healthy habits, it is in addition to, as needed.

Beyond these three steps, there are also chemicals, heavy metals, even parasites and mold that can mess with this number.

So if these recommendations don’t get your blood sugar to normalize, you’ll want to consider these toxin sources and do a proper detox…

…because something is messing with your body and we need to get it out!

This is why I’ve created detox courses to support your health all around!

If you’re curious, you can check them out here: