Many of you by now know about the fantastic healing properties of castor oil packs!

I love recommending castor oil packs for:

  • Liver support
  • Menstrual issues
  • Lymph support
  • Cysts / tumors
  • Joint pain
  • Immune support

But there are even more uses for castor oil!

Recently, a patient of mine sent me this text:

“So… you should put in your newsletter the healing effects of even just rubbing castor oil on a sore spot, bug bites, dry lips and skin! I’m hooked!”

And I 100% agree with her, so here we are.

This was after we had an appointment where I recommended putting castor oil on her eyelids before going to bed.

What else is castor oil good for?

It’s good for your hair.

Massaging it into your scalp is really great for hair growth.

And I know several people who also put it on their eyebrows.

It’s great for your skin.

Just a small amount of castor oil can help improve wrinkles

It has shown helpful effects against acne.

And it can help with stretch marks as well.

With that, it also helps with dry, cracked heals and helps scar healing.

Castor oil can also be healing when you have a sunburn.

It can help induce labor.

Big side note: never use castor oil during pregnancy as it can cause uterine contractions.

Except, if you are working with a midwife who is advising you in using castor oil to induce labor.

Castor oil may also help with toenail fungus.

There are so many uses for castor oil, I’m sure I missed a few here.

Have you come across any favorite uses for castor oil?

Let me know!

And of course, if you’re only just starting to use castor oil, start slowly.

Make sure it is organic and hexane free.

Additionally, I only use castor oil topically.