You know I always like to work on reducing toxin exposures wherever I can.

Some of those steps are more longterm goals (mattresses, wall paint)…

And other steps are easier to implement.

A major toxin source to consider is tap water.

And it’s not just the water we drink…

During a shower, mist is inhaled and the skin absorbs some of these toxins as well.

One easy option is to check your city water report to find out what is hiding in your tap water.

But do keep in mind, just because certain toxins aren’t listed on there doesn’t mean it’s not in there – it just wasn’t tested for.

The other option is to have your water tested.

My preferred way to have water tested is with Tap Score.

Why would we test the tap water?

Because it depends on the toxins present to determine which kind of filter will be needed.

And there are lots of different options, from whole house filters to shower filters, under sink filters, or pitcher filters.

What’s interesting is I’ve seen a lot of people go from “not liking water” to drinking it regularly by getting a proper filter.

I assume they “didn’t like water” before because the body was actually rejecting those toxins in the water.

I’ve also made the following switches to reduce toxins:

As you can tell, this is an ongoing process.

What changes have you made for the sake of your health and the environment?

Let me know!

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