People are starting to understand that gut health is paramount for overall health.

This is because your gut is involved with:

  • hormones
  • immune function
  • obviously the digestion of food
  • mood
  • detoxification
  • and it’s your third brain (there is neuronal tissue in your gut just like in your brain brain and heart brain)

And yet, there is still so much confusion around what is actually needed for gut health.

For example, I came across a video where this guy explains how to intermittent fast…

…except he then goes on to say that you can eat whatever you want since you’re limiting your eating times.

No, no, no, no, no.

That’s insanity!

I mean, yes, intermittent fasting is amazing and is excellent for gut health.

But no matter what healthy habit you use, you always have to make smart food choices.

What you choose to put in and on your body is one of the biggest determining factors of your health.

So when it comes to gut health, the first step does have to include getting rid of what is harming your gut.

And you’ve probably guessed that food is solidly a consideration for this.

But did you know the personal hygiene products you use can affect your gut as well?

There are a lot of potential gut disrupters to consider, including:

  • your tap water
  • EMF exposure
  • processed, GMO, antibiotic / hormone, non-organic food
  • stress and drama
  • house cleaning products (including dryer sheets and air fresheners)
  • consuming calories too often per day (your gut doesn’t get to rest or heal when it’s constantly digesting)
  • lack of sleep
  • alcohol
  • plastics
  • new carpeting / wall paint / upholstered furniture

Could I go on? Yes, there are so many potential toxic sources!

But when you look at the list above, some of those things are really easy for you to make changes with, right?

You see, it’s not only about what you consume, it’s also all the other stuff that you might inhale, get on your skin, or get jabbed with.

I mean seriously, why is botox in armpits to stop sweating even a thing?

The goal right now is to remove potential toxins and provide your body with a healing environment (sleep is always a must for this).

And next time, we’ll look into what you can do specifically to heal your gut once you’ve started removing the toxin sources.

Here’s how to have a Healthier Gut