I’ve had a bunch of patients over time tell me that they had tried gluten free…

… and it didn’t work.

They thought this meant they are fine with grains in general, since they saw no improvement.

But it’s not as simple as that.

You see, if someone is reactive to gluten, 20 parts per million of gluten is enough to cause inflammation for the next 2 months.

To put that into perspective, that’s like 1 drop of water in 1 gallon of water.

For some, since gluten is so sticky, it can take even longer (like 6 – 12 months) to totally get gluten out of their system.

So a 4 month gluten free approach typically doesn’t show results.

That, and most patients tell me they did “cheat” on weekends… just a little.

Plus, most “gluten free” processed foods will have horrible ingredients added instead.

Trading a poison for a poison isn’t a very healing approach.

The other part is that it’s not just about the gluten.

As humans, we aren’t made to eat grains.

People hate it when I say this, but hear me out.

Grains are huge have a lot of omega-6, that means they are very inflammatory.

Do you know what happens to your gut when you keep eating inflammatory things?

Yes! Leaky gut.

Now all those components, like gluten, get into your bloodstream.

No food should be in the bloodstream, so your body will react to it.

This is also when wheat protein gets into the blood and starts autoimmunity.

Essentially, this is making your body seemingly attack itself, because your body is trying to protect you from the foreign matter that looks similar to your tissues.

The next problem with grains is that they are desiccated with glyphosate so that they can be harvested sooner.

Glyphosate is super toxic and can lead to cancer, amongst other health problems.

To make matters even worse, gluten can obstruct the liver. And then the glyphosate will overburden it even further while wreaking havoc on your microbiome.

Gluten is also linked to autoimmune hepatitis.

But understand, grains can and will affect more than just the liver and gut.

Some people want to argue that grains can’t be bad for us, or it wouldn’t be mentioned in the bible so much.

Well, someone gave me a heads up that in Genesis 3:17,19 it actually says that God gave man bread as punishment for sin. But this part certainly isn’t my expertise.

Further issues with grain and gluten include:

  • they are implicated in psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia
  • they have opiate-like activity in the brain… aka they act as a drug on your brain
  • there is a leptin-blocking lectin in grain that humans can’t deactivate, which makes us prone to obesity
  • they don’t have a great amino acid profile, being low on what we want and high on what we don’t want. Plus, they have a high anti-nutrient content
  • they will spike your blood sugar more than sugar itself

There certainly are far more issues with grains than the points I’ve made so far.

So what am I saying with all of this?

Well, for me, and my entire family, going grain free a decade ago was a total life changer, for a couple of us actually a life saver (myself included).

So all I’m saying is… you might want to consider this.