There is a healthy habit that I really like, but I think I haven’t done it justice. 

You see, this one healthy habit helps with:

  • improving balance 
  • strengthening your cells
  • moving your lymph
  • strengthening your muscles
  • is easy on your joints 
  • improving effects of other exercises 
  • improving cardiovascular function 
  • positive effects on white blood cell count
  • supporting your immune system 

Sounds amazing, right? What’s this magnificent healthy habit that can do all that? 


It’s so simple! You just need one of those little trampoline / rebounders and use it! 

I have one in my office so I can get up between appointments and just bounce a bit. 

Just 30 seconds every hour creates incredible health benefits (like the one’s listed). 

And keep in mind, your lymph system will only move if you move it. Rebounding is one of the best things you can do to get your lymph moving. 

Since you are working against gravity, that is where all those great benefits for muscle strength etc come from. 

As for the benefit of improving effects of other exercises, all you need to do is add in 30 seconds of rebounding between weight lifting sets, for example. 

And remember how fun it was as a child to play on a trampoline? Tap back into that. Even as adults we do get to enjoy moving our bodies. 

Make sure your knees are slightly bent, and find what movement and pace feels good to you. 

That’s the other great part of this. Since it is so simple, you can actually pay attention to what feels right and good for you. 

For some, standing and bouncing may be too much. That’s ok, start with sitting on it and bouncing (you can have your feet on the floor for that). 

Or maybe you can do standing but need to be gentle, with only small movement. That’s fine, too. 

Start with wherever you are at, and be gentle with yourself. 

What I’ve also noticed is that by having the rebounder in an obvious place, people just naturally migrate to it and start bouncing. 

To make it a really simple daily exercise you can:

  1. start with 2 minutes of rebounding where your feet never leave the rebounder 
  2. then 3 minutes of rebounding where your feet do leave the rebounder
  3. cool off with 2 minutes of rebounding where your feet never leave the rebounder

That sounds almost too simple, right? But it is so effective!

Of course, if you like, you can add in high knees, jumping jacks, butt kickers, twisting jumps, whatever suits your needs and health level. 

Bonus points if you can do it outside in the fresh air and sunshine 😉 (weather permitting).

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