Sometimes, when I teach other practitioners, they get a glazed and worried look. One even asked why anyone would go to her, they should just be my patient. Overwhelming anyone is never my goal. I just get so excited sharing health information to help everyone achieve their optimal health…

But I’ve seen this look before. Sometimes patients of mine get the same look. With so much that can be done for your health, it can feel overwhelming. I get it. During our appointments we talk about: 

  • nutrition and supplements – those two alone are huge topics
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • fasting
  • detoxing from mold / fungus / parasites / viruses / bacteria / chemicals / heavy metals
  • drainage pathways
  • blood sugar
  • infertility 
  • blood work if it had been done for you
  • hormonal issues
  • dry brushing / rebounding
  • meditation
  • sleep hygiene
  • toxins in your home (the possible culprits from room to room, cleaning products, personal hygiene products, cooking utensils, plastic, medications, garages, etc)
  • sauna
  • exercise
  • coffee / garlic / detox enemas
  • mind / body balance
  • pelvic floor 
  • breathing
  • traumas – thoughts/toxins/physical trauma
  • etc

I could go on, but then we’re heading right back to that glazed look. So let’s look at how you can easily approach all the ways that can support your health. Keep in mind: if I can overwhelm my fellow practitioners with all the facets of health, you have every right to feel that way, too.

But there is no need or benefit from overwhelm when it comes to your health. 

So I want to share with you how I handle all that information in my life. 

I have 3 crucial health truths: 

  1. We can never control all aspects of our health. This is why I like to handle the parts I can and trust my body for the rest of it. 
  1. Cycles are a normal part of nature, life, and health. It really is impossible to do all the healthy things we talk about all the time. Cycling through them at whatever pace and rate resonates for you is the way to go.
  1. Creating core health habits that become a completely natural part of your life is the easiest way to your optimal health.

My core health habits are: 

  • Eating grain free and sugar free
  • Fasting
  • Daily supplements
  • At least 3 minutes of meditation per day
  • 8 hours of sleep per night
  • 30 minutes minimum of hiking most days of the week

These are at the core of my health. This lets me handle all the stress, overwhelm, and randomness in life. It addresses all aspects of my health.

I don’t have to think about these core habits anymore, they are so much a part of me. It did take time to get to this point, but it’s worth it.

Around this core, I have all the other healthy habits that come and go as needed, and I’m always adding to the list of healthy habits that I use and teach.

You probably already have a couple of healthy habits in place. Or you know what you would like to have as your core healthy habits. Start there.  

What aspects do you need for your core health habits?

Start with one healthy habit and give it time.

Your core healthy habits do not need to mimic mine (well, except the sleep part, as adults there really is no wiggle room on that one).

If you’re iffy, we can talk about what would work best for you in our next appointment. 

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