I’ve only had this conversation one on one with everyone so far. But I was at the grocery store this week, trying to figure out which red square I’m “supposed” to stand on…

Which is when I got into a conversation with the woman in front of me. She was wearing a mask. I wasn’t.

I asked her if she knew which squares were for which line. She laughed, said she had as little of a clue as I did, and it’s all so silly anyway. Indeed, I could only agree with her.

She continued to comment that she always gets a racing heart and anxiety with the mask on.

That’s especially bad for her as she has heart arrhythmia. 

She was called up to the counter so we couldn’t continue our conversation, which is why I want to continue it with you now. 

When there are health habits and health precautions that truly support your health, you know I’m the first to tell you all about it. Even if you’re not thrilled to hear it (yes, I know, coffee enemas are not fun, but they are oh so healthy). 

I think it is time for me to make my stance very clear.

I can not support something that decreases your oxygen intake, increases your CO2 uptake, creates a fantastic breeding ground for all things your body is trying to get rid of (bacteria and viruses love warm moist environments), and has been shown to “significantly impair the quality of life of the wearer.” 

I don’t think I need to explain why lowering your oxygen is bad.

Did you know that increasing CO2 uptake can acidify your blood.

Dr. Otto Warburg had already proven (and won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for it) that cancer cannot live in well oxygenated tissues, but it does thrive in acidic ones (the stomach is different, your stomach has to be acidic to digest food, absorb important nutrients, and kill foreign pathogens). 

In psychology research, they realized they can’t study panic attacks in people diagnosed with panic disorder, because there are too many other symptoms presenting as well.

They figured out that giving healthy people increased CO2 lets them study panic attacks without any interfering factors. 

All these effects will build up and get worse over time, the longer these insane conditions persist. I have had many patients and friends tell me they get headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, heart racing, dizziness, and so forth when they wear a mask.

None of that speaks to health. All of that does speak to weakened immune systems. 

A mask cannot keep you healthy. Taking care of your immune system keeps you healthy.

The basic premise of human health has not changed. Keep in mind, the mere presence of a pathogen can’t make you sick. Otherwise all doctors would be dead or chronically sick 24/7 by now… including me. And you know I’m not.

If you need some reminders for how to support your immune system and stay healthy, check out some of these articles (or any of the others on our website): 

In case you are in a situation where you do have to wear a mask (I’m trying to think of an instance but… maybe there are some such situations), I highly recommend the following: 

  • Do meditations 3 times per day (like the heart brain harmony, it only takes 3 minutes), to help restore balance, breathing, and health
  • Focus on your breathing, maybe you can be outside for this in the fresh air, and really do some deep breaths
  • Take HydrOxygen from CellCore BioSciences. These drops contain oxygen to help balance and normalize your oxygen levels again. Many feel mental clarity, calmness, and better healing by using them.
  • Take GCEL from Systemic Formulas. This will help down regulate the inflammatory response, which is how your body responds to any assault on her system. 

Knowing how far reaching the effects I mentioned can be… 

and depending for how long you’ve been trying to follow mandates… 

it might be needed to check in with us to make sure your body won’t take a hit long term from this. We’re always here for you. To support you. 

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