As you know, health is not one size fits all.

That’s why I cover so many different topics here, because what’s needed, and when, will vary.

For instance: asthma.

There are people who have healed from asthma by getting chiropractic adjustments.

There are those who “just grew out of it….”

For some it is a nutrient deficiency.

Yet for others it can be a toxicity that needs to be handled (think mold, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals…).

And especially with adults, an overlying issue of stress can be involved (even for those who can’t tell because they are just so used to it).

And it’s not unusual for it to be a mix of things.

What do all of these have in common?

Chronic inflammation.

But we never want to suppress inflammation, we want to resolve it!

In the case of the people where chiropractic healed them, the adjustments allowed normal

function of the nervous system – all sorts of wonderful healing takes place with that.

But if it’s a nutrient deficiency or toxicity, those need to be addressed as well.

So what are some overlying factors that can be involved here?
(And you’ll notice, they will apply to many other health issues as well).

  • Diet – most common food culprits include sugar and cow dairy
  • Top deficiencies – vitamin C, magnesium, and vitamin D3 (which needs to be supplemented along with vitamin k2 and magnesium)
  • Chiropractic
  • Turmeric – resolves inflammation and improves airways
  • Mullein tea – resolves inflammation, helps against irritants and soothes respiratory system
  • Breathing exercises
  • Remove toxin sources (heavy metals, chemicals, mold, parasites)
  • Reduce stress – EFT tapping, meditation, journaling, yoga…

In terms of the nutrient deficiencies, I need to side note as usual that paying attention to supplement brand is absolutely vital.

My go to for these are Systemic Formulas, and for just magnesium specifically I love this liquid magnesium: ReMag from RnA ReSet

(This is the picometer sized ionic minerals magnesium that is the most absorbable magnesium I’ve ever found, the results have been amazing!).

The nice thing with these considerations for asthma (some of them being very specific to the airways) is that they will improve overall health as well.

Take the cutting out sugar suggestion, I don’t think it’ll surprise anyone that cutting out sugar is best for overall health anyway.

Or with the magnesium, it is one of the top most common nutrient deficiencies, and magnesium serves over 800 (some say over 1000) functions in the body that we know of.

Bu with all of this, where do you start?

Well, what makes the most sense to you right now?

Which pieces seem doable or like they will make the biggest impact for you?And of course, you can combine these however suits you best.

If it’s on the toxicity side of things for you, check out these detox courses that we have available to walk you through that process (there are three parts in the detox series):